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Fun little outing!

July 22, 2008

Some friends and I went on a fun outing yesterday.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity for some snaps, of course, and here are a couple of my favorites of the day!



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When I talk about storyboards, people don’t always know what I’m talking about.  It’s a series of images that tell a story, arranged on one image – kind of like a collage but usually more simple.  They typically come in non-traditional sizes like 10×20.  They often have wording of some sort and are coated and mounted on styrene or other substance so they don’t have to be behind glass.  Here is an example of a storyboard in 8×10 format:


A collage is an attractive arrangement of several photos, sometimes overlapping, sometimes not.  Here is one of my favorites:


They are more expensive than a typical print, but it’s a nice way to showcase more than one image without having to pay for each individual print, and having to buy separate frames, mats, etc.  In the end, they are less expensive and they always get lots of ooohs and ahhhhs from your friends and family!  They make wonderful gifts, too!

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Just my kids…

July 18, 2008

My boys are getting so big… I wanted to get some new shots of them and I just love these!  We were getting eaten by mosquitos (you can see bites in one of these!) and yet they were such good sports!  The little one is about to get a haircut so I really wanted some shots of him before we did the chop job!  The older one is showing off his new ‘do’ in these!  Thanks, guys, for being such good sports!!!







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Sanjay: So cute!! Isn't it funny how that works? It's hard to imagine you have amnyore room inside you to love someone, but somehow it just happens and you make room.

More flowers!

July 9, 2008

I had to try out a few more flower shots!  I’m having a lot of fun with these!!!




 And I decided to try a selective color technique on this one just for fun!


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Breaking the rules!

July 4, 2008

Rules were meant to be broken, right?  Well, I had my camera at the fireworks show I attended last night.  I did not, however, have a tripod or a remote trigger.  So, I stabilized my camera in my lap and aimed in the general direction and shot away!  Interesting results I must say!  Here are my favorites!







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Michael: slam.parosioun k kabbotar to atay jatay hain.achy porace khabi shak nahain kartay.wasay bhe indi hakomat ko khuch samgh layna chaheie jes mulk k kaboutar etnay advance houn us mulk k kabotar baaz kasay houn gay? wasay khuch arsa phely iran nain bhe zahedan say 1 jasos kabotar ko pakra tha.laiken aqlmandoun ke tarahan us par etna time zaie nahain kia tha kioun kah yeh kabotar tha koi koi kabotar baz to na tha.bas parosion (india) ke ezat es main hay kah apnay alfaz wapas lay kar tamam kabotrun say ezhar afsos karain warana kia pata aaj kabotar bahja kal aount(camel) na bhej dain geo pakistan Onجواب

I love this family!

July 3, 2008

There ended up being so many wonderful images from this shoot!  I can’t believe baby H is one year old already!  Thank you for allowing me to photograph your family and I’ll have the rest of your images ready to view soon!  Enjoy the sneak peek!





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