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Ok, I’m stir crazy.  I am so ready for spring to get here.  I want to get outside and shoot stuff!  I will be needing some people subjects for a project coming up – still trying to get the date coordinated, so be on the lookout for the details.  If you want some basic info, just email me.  I’m needing teen and young adult boy and girl models and/or young couples.  I need older models since I’ll be doing some lighting experimentation and little ones just don’t have the patience to wait for shots to get set up.  Interested?  You’ll get some cool shots of yourself for free.  These will be mostly done in an urban setting.  I’ll have more info with date/time soon…

In the meantime, watch a panda sneeze.  Seriously, it will crack you up!

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I loved working with this family!  Little baby ‘J’ is 3 months old now and sweet ‘I’ is 2 yrs old!  I got to photograph her and mommy when baby ‘J’ was still a bun in the oven, so I was thrilled when mom decided to allow me to photograph them again!  Thank you so much, ‘P’, for allowing me into your home! 






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Jane Eaton Hamilton: That third pic is so amazing. And that is also one cute baby! Great work.

jennifer: oh these are absolutely beautiful, gorgeous work!

Connie Register: Just beautiful!

erin: great work on these! really sweet pictures!!