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This young lady was needing some shots for a modeling agency. I think she’ll be a fabulous model! I especially love her eyes… thank you, ‘M’, for bringing your lovely daugher, ‘C’ to me for her portfolio shots! I loved meeting you all and, ‘C’, you were a joy to photograph!



Cindy: Her eyes are beautiful! Lovely captures, she sure has the look.

Mandy: I just absolutely LOVE these. They are so fresh and modern. I love the blue tones, and the beautiful lighting.

Megan: Wow she is so pretty! I love #1.

Jessica: WOW! Beautiful! These will look great in her portfolio!

Carley Mac: beautiful girl! love the last one :) your lighting looks really nice

Megan Parker: Gorgeous. That head shot is amazing!

Heather: Very pretty girl! Love her eyes! Beautiful shots!

diana: okay, whoa, does this girl have eyes, but what's more, she TOTALLY knows how to USE them! and obviously you know how to work with seniors! fantastic!

Desiree Hayes: These are FANTASTIC! I LOVE the hat one! She has great eyes.

Sandie: She is a beauty! They are all great but the 2nd one is my favorite - great lighting, very flattering pose. I was just checking out your site too...becoming a big fan!++

jennifer: oh wow model is right, she is gorgeous! Love those first two especially!

Gilbert: What a stunning girl! Beautiful lighting, posing, composition...just perfect!

Mollie: She's gorgeous!! WOW those eyes! She and mom will be very proud to show these, wonderful job!

Stacie: What a beauty! And what great color and clarity. I wish I had looked like her when I was a teenager.

Katherine: Wow; she's beautiful! The first one is my fave. Your use of color is stunning, and her expression is perfect.

Angie: These are gorgeous! I love the color & set up!

With the weather being uncooperative, I’ve had more interest in studio mini-sessions! They last 30 minutes and you still get at least 10 proofs to choose from (most of the time there are more than 10). I still have a few slots before Easter, too, but don’t wait! They are going fast!

Ok, here’s the special!

For $100 you’ll get:

30 minutes of shooting time in-studio
up to 2 background changes (as time permits)
(1) 8×10
(2) 5×7’s
Online viewing gallery and in-person viewing
$150 value!

Just use our contact form on the website to email or you can call us at (918) 809-7909 for availability and to book a session!






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Jessica: Super cute!!

Carley Mac: super duper adorable :)

Gilbert: Adorable!!

Megan: Good luck with your minis! I just did a marathon mini session yesterday and am beat!!

Rob: A sto ako pravam proaktki razgovori na primer od 10min maksimum? Dali dobivam povekje razgovori togas od 200 ili nema vrska dolzinata na razgovorite? Vazno deka na sekoj povik ke mi se presmeta 2,5 den,pa od tamu sleduvaat 200 povici mesecno?

I so enjoyed this session with baby ‘L’ and the ‘C’ family! He had a rough start in life and is now doing great! I am so priviledged to have been given the opportunity to photograph this little sweetie and am so glad that I will get to photograph him again since he is in our baby plan! Whoo hoo!

See how precious they are? Love you guys! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!




Lisa Barnes: These are fabulous! Beautiful use of light in all of them. ++

Lisa Kryschuk: Such beautiful work!!!! They are all just gorgeous!!!! Great job!

gilbert: What an adorable little guy! I LOVE the second one, but all of them are really stunning. Beautiful family!

Kristin Rachelle: Beautiful!!! Love his eyes in the second one.

jen: What a cutie! Gorgeous photos.

christine.s: what an incredibly beautiful family. the second pic is absolutley stunning, hopefully the family has a wall that they can get a big print to put up.

Beth: GORGEOUS family!!! Love the personal touch in the first one. The lighting is brilliant in all of them.

holly: Beautiful! I just love pouty lips!!! Great work! ++

Cindy: How adorable! Love the ones with mom and dad.

Jennifer: what a cutie, and a beautiful family. Love them all cant choose a fav!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: They are beautiful photos of a lovely family. They must be over the moon that he's okay now.

Means A Lot: What an adorable baby... I'm glad he is over his difficulties... You did an amazing job capturing this gorgeous family.

Lisa: Beautiful! How cute is the second one!

Last Forty Percent: That 2nd photo is so sweet! - Bri

I had the priviledge to collaborate with another local photograper to play with some off camera lighting on location! The fun thing about studio lighting is that you get to control the light. When you’re on location, you have to look for great light, which can limit where you shoot. But, with off camera flash, you can control the light even in difficult lighting situations! We had a total blast! Our models had fun, too! Here are just a few images from our amazing session. Thank you to all who participated – I hope you enjoyed it at least half as much as I did! And Thank You, Sarah, for shooting with me!







And a couple with all natural light – I mean when it’s already this good, why try and fake it?


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christine.s: what a fun set of set of images. the lighting you had and created is wonderful.

Laura Brett: Beautiful, love the colors. Just wonderful! ++

Desiree Hayes: These are great! Cool locations too!

Sandie: Ooh - GREAT color on these! Love them!++

Gilbert: Wowzers!! Such beautiful models and locations!! The lighting is just perfect!! Awesome!

Stacie: What great images. And what fun. Nice work!

There are so many darling shots from this session I almost feel sorry for mom to have to choose! What a happy little baby she was! She was getting over a cold and yet she put up with all our clothing and background changes! Here are just a few to look at – thank you, ‘T’ for allowing miss ‘M’ to come see me again! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!






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Sara: Oh my! These are sooo precious. You are SO lucky to have such a great model - man, she is adorable. Makes me want a girl, just a lil' bit, ha! Mom is super lucky with these. :)

Gilbert: OMG, so cute!! Wonderful images!


I wish I had remembered to post this sooner, but anyway, try to make this if you can! I wanted to let you all know about a speaker, Toneia Mayes, who will be presenting a FREE parent workshop tomorrow (Saturday, March 7) from 9am – 12noon at Arrow Heights Baptist Church. She speaks in schools and churches all over the country and I have personally attended one of her parent workshops. The information she has to share is invaluable and completely relevant to parents of teens and pre-teens. Plus she is a great speaker and presents the information in a fun and easy to understand way. It really is a must-see for any parent of a child ages 11-19.

Arrow Heights Baptist Church is located at 101st and Elm (161st E. Ave.) in Broken Arrow. In the back parking lot is another building separate from the main building…that is the student bldg. The workshop will be in Rm 101, which is thru the front doors to your right.

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I just have to give a Hi Five to Tofurious for all the amazing and affordable resources for photographers. If you are a professional photographer and are looking for a cool WordPress template (my blog is a Tofurious template), album templates, tutorials, textures, etc. you have to check these guys out HERE!



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