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Wow, did little ‘K’ make me work for these, but isn’t she adorable? She’s 18 months old and was on the go the whole time! I had a ton of fun with her though – this was the 2nd time I have had the priviledge of photographing her. She loved the little Easter bucket full of eggs and carried it around the entire session.

Thank you for allowing me to photograph ‘K’ and I hope you all enjoy your sneak peek!





Krysia: What an adorable little girl! I LOVE your color on these. That first one is amazing.

jennifer: aww what a beautiful girl, love her dress and the location is pretty too

Sarah Mansur: Gorgeous! I really need to get over to Woodward while its all in bloom! I love the one with the pink ones behind her!

Tiffany: Wow! What a beautiful location and darling little girl. The colors are amazing. Great job!

shay2oo2: oh my word hun the colors on these are divine! pure perfection! and what a little cutie

Melissa: I love the Easter egg hunt - what a perfect shoot! The colors in all of these are incredible.

Tammy: OH that first one is just breathtaking! ++

holly: Adorable!! The colour is incredible!!!++

Nicole Ramsay: Oy my she is adorable. That dress is the cutest! Beautiful shots.

Jane Eaton Hamilton: Too cute! I am just wild for that last one.

Mandy: I just love that second picture of her. The color is so sharp and lovely on these photos.

melissa: Look at all the fantastic color!! This little one is stunning - and that second image nearly took my breath away!

Sarah: She is adorable! #2 took my breath away - I imagine that mama was over-the-moon with these! You rocked!

Beth: What an amazingly beautiful session!!!! The lighting, the colors, the location, the sweet princess!

Look how sweet she is! She is 3 months old now – and her big brothers just adore her! Thank you, ‘S’, for allowing me to photograph sweet little ‘A’ again!! Enjoy your sneak peek!!





diana palmer: i cannot believe her gorgeous eyes in that first one. and they look like little dolls in the second. beautiful work.

Linda K: love the interaction of the family members here, and what a beautiful little princess, love the conversions, mom is going to have a tough choice

jen: Your color is gorgeous! Love the one of her with her brothers.

Mandy: What AMAZING eyes. WOW...the sharpness of your color is awe inspiring.

Jessica: She looks so beautiful! 3 months is SO hard and you made it look easy! When I have 3 month'ers come on over and help me! What a cute bunch of kids. Love them all!!!

Beth Ross: What a sweet little angel! I love #3. The look on her face is priceless. Beautiful images!

shawn: What an absolute adorable doll! I LOVE the last one- she looks like she is floating :) Beautiful!

Beth: BEAUTIFUL!!! What a perfect little family. The clarity is amazing, as usual. :)

Amanda: Those eyes, the pink, the cuteness is simply awesome! Great work as always!

Dion Seneca: I love the soft, creaminess yet beautiful clarity on these images. The last one in the tutu is my favorite.

Jen M: Oh wow, that sweet petti is perfect with this gorgeous girl! But the shot of all three kids is my favorite for sure, those boys will be watching out for little sis for years to come, I'm sure. Beautiful!

Stacie: The clarity on these is to die for - it lets you admire her beautiful blue eyes so much better!

Connie Register: OMgoodness, she is all girl! Beautiful images!

Mema: I can't believe how she has grown. She is beautiful. Anxious to see her again.

I had so much fun with this sweet family! Dad is in the Army and has been deployed for 10 months and home for some R&R. I was priviledged to get to photograph them before he was to leave to go back to Iraq. It was such a blessing to be able to do this! They are adorable and the camera loves them! Thank you ‘C’ family for coming out and letting me capture your lovely family – and more than that, thank you for all the sacrifices you make for all of us.





melissa zihlman: the light in these is amazing! they are all great, but the third and fourth totally take my breath away!

Jessica: OMG! Super cute and the last one is my fav! You truly captured the love of this family.

Cindy: Love the location and the light in these. The family images are such a treasure!

Carley Mac: amazingly gorgeous photos! i especially love the 2nd one :)

Danielle Felton: These are great! That second shot just cracks me up! He's such a doll! I'm sure they'll love these and treasure them forever!

Sarah Mansur: These are awesome! I love the light in the last 2, but they are all so great!

holly: I love them! I really LOVE Daddy and son walking! Great work!!++

jennifer: oh wow what a beautiful family, I absolutely love the lighting and colors in these. You could just see the love these two have for each other and their child!

robyn: Aw, the one of daddy and son is timeless. What a great gift for the family. Hope the dad is home again soon!

Shey: Beautiful family!!!! Love love love the last one - such gorgeous light!!! Love the way he's looking at her in the second to last one too. Amazing!!

Brittany: What is there not to love about these?! I can't decide who the little one looks more like, his momma or his dad.. I am thinking dad but it is hard to tell :) These are all lovely!

Amy: Wow....beautiful work- just superb! Love the moments you captured :)

Megan Parker: These are fabulous!!!

Jen Stocks: What a great series of photos! You can really sense the love in this family. I love that he is wearing his uniform too - really makes these moments so much stronger. Gorgeous family by the way!

Last Forty Percent: Great session! - Bri

brianne brose: These are gorgeous! What a lovely family!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: They are fun and lovely, and I know they will help to get them through the tough times when they miss each other too much.

Katherine: What a beautiful family! You really captured their love for each other in such an elegant way!