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I truly had so much fun with this family! Dad owns a marketing company and has so much energy – I picked his brain and talked his ear off – poor guy was probably like ‘let me go home already!’ He was very gracious, though, as were his lovely wife and kids! He’s also a photographer so to be trusted with his family photos is quite a privilege! And the kids were so well behaved! 3 yrs and 8 months are both hard ages to photograph alone, much less together, and they made my job easy!

Here is your sneak peek… more to come soon! Thank you, ‘G’ family, for allowing me to do your family portraits!








April: These are GORGEOUS photos! I love the shoes shot and the basket shot. Great job!

Anna Gross: Robbie these are great! I can't wait to see the rest! Thank you!

Gwamma & Papa: The best!! Can't wait to see the rest. Jacob in the 'grass' & the abandoned sandals are sooo cute!

annie: this is SOOO cute jacb smilin more than Livi and he younger lol.. love em'

Jennifer: oh what a beautiful family and gorgeous location, love the coloirs in these! All them are awesome cant even pick a fav

Amy: OMGosh these are fabulous!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!

shay2oo2: oooooh love love love family shoots like this! thats a gorgeous family and i adore baby kisses like that

phillip: Great pictures

Laura Brett: What a beautiful family, love them all!

Kathryn: Gorgeous pictures! My favorite is the basket shot with the 2 kids together.

Granny Gross: All I could say was WOW! Absolutely Great. Thanks Mal for giving someone a chance to take your family and children's (single) pictures. Great Robbie, can't wait for more

Melissa Rodriguez: Gorgeous family and beautiful shots! LOVE that shoes shot and the kissing shots too - tooo cute!!!!

carey: Gorgeous family; Love your captures!

Meghan Poort: Robbie! Love the catchlights.. beautiful job with the lighting here.. and the shoe shot is so creative!

Jen: What a cute family! All of these are gorgeous!

TracyT: Beautiful work! Beautiful family! Love these! So creative too.

Lisa Kryschuk: What an adorable family! You captured them beautifully!

Jill: What a beautiful family! Lovely work.

Cristina: I *adore* these. I can't even pick a favourite. An adorable family, and really creative work!

Krysia: What an absolutely beautiful family. They look so happy and lovely. Your color rocks!

Sarah Mansur: Awesome location! What a beautiful family! Love the new branding!

misty: Absolutely precious!!! What a gorgeous family!

Corine Tran: gorgeous photography! love #5!

Ashawna WIlson: OHHHHHH my goodness these are BEAUTIFUL... what a great job! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to get a picture :)

Katie: Gorgeous work!

TT toni: GREAT PHOTOS! those curls are so cute livi, and ANNA your hair looks AMAZING! MOMMA IS LOOKING HOT! Baby J and Mally Mally too cute!!!!!!! GOOD JOB, ROBBIE! I'M NEXT...LOL

Mandy: What a truly gorgeous family! There is so much love between them and you have brought it out in every photograph.

Ann: Beautiful work! Oh my, I can't even pick a favorite. I really love them all. The first family image is amazing and that last wide-eyed look on the baby boy is too precious! Gorgeous work!

Angela Crutcher: These are simply adorable! I adore the sibling shot!!!

douglas s daniels: Great pictures may I see the rest? Doug Daniels

sara-anne: I love these! Love the bucket one! Love daddy and baby! What great shots! Beautiful!

With all the sweet little newborn sessions coming up, I thought I’d better create a post with my newborn announcement templates. All my baby plans include customized announcements where you can choose from one of my pre-made templates. Text and colors can be customized on any of these, so none are gender specific, even if shown as one gender or the other. If you choose to upgrade your card to a press printed folded card, whatever template you chose will coordinate with the cover design and include more of your session images!


It’s easier to click through and look at all the templates in a gallery without having to scroll down like you had to on the blog. So, they have been moved to the main site under client proofs.

CLICK HERE and enter ‘baby’ for login and ‘templates’ for password under the ‘client proofs’ section.

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This little guy is so cute I could eat him up! He is one of my baby planners here for his 6 month session. He only could sit up for a few seconds so I was excited to get a few of him sitting up on his own! Isn’t he adorable? Mom is amazingly gorgeous, too. Thank you, ‘C’ family, for letting me take his portrait again! Enjoy the sneak peek – more to come soon!






misty: So precious!

christy: Awww! What a gorgeous little guy!! I adore your colors and lighting. The image with mom and and baby is just priceless! Beautiful work!!!

Amy: These are lovely. Your lighting is beautiful. He is just as cute as can be.

Jennifer: What a cutie pie!!! Love the light in his eyes!

Ann: What a cute baby boy! I love them all, but that one with his mommy melted my heart! Beautiful work!

Beth Wild: Awww, these are soooo adorable! Love the shot with mommy!!!!

Sarah Albert: Oooh I love #3 ... such a cute moment between mommy and baby. These are great!

holly: Perfect. I love each and every one!!

Heidi K: These are great! Love his expression in the hat photo, and the one with mom is beautiful. Lovely work!!

danielle anderson: Love pic #3 with mom, such a cutie expression!

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Name change complete!!

June 14, 2009

I’m really excited about this new change! A little sad, too – Little Britches is a name that I’m sad to let go of, but find that I really need new branding to take me and my business in the direction that I want to go.

My new business name is Robbie G Photography. Here is my new logo:


Nothing is really changing – I just find that I’ve expanded my clientel to include teens, high school seniors, and adults so I wanted a more all-encompassing branding.

If you were following my blog under the Little Britches name, be sure to sign up again for the RSS feed! I love your comments and readership! None of the old blog posts are lost, either. I made sure all the archives transferred over here!

My new site is I will be keeping the Little Britches site active until I feel secure in knowing everything is all transferred over correctly, but be sure to bookmark the new one if you have the old one in your favorites.

Love you guys! I have a sneak peek to get up and a gallery to finish – I know I’m a little behind because of all that has been going on here! I’ll be caught up soon!

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OH my goodness it was fun to see these girls again! The babies are walking now and big sister ‘A’ looks as gorgeous as ever! I had a blast photographing these lovely girls! Mom and dad had their work cut out for them keeping the little ones rounded up, though! Thank you, ‘J’, for letting me photograph your beautiful family again! Enjoy your sneak peek – more to come soon!






Katie: They are adorable!! I can't imagine keeping up with 2, you did a fabulous job

misty: Awww these are sooo adorable!!

shay2oo2: oh my heavens are you serious THREE GORGEOUS girls! Amazing work R the color is perfection

Stacey: What a beautiful family! I love the beautiful greens in these!

Jill: So sweet! The first one is fantastic.

Krysia: These are gorgeous Robbie! What beautiful, darling little girls. Love your color work!

Jen: These are gorgeous! I really love the first one!

Meghan Poort: Robbie!! So cute. What sweet girls... love the light and the beautiful greenery!!

Jessica: What adorable girls! These are all great!

brianne brose: oh my gosh! They are so stinkin' cute! Great job on these!

Beth Wild: What a fun session!!! Beautiful girls and images. Love the first shot -sooo cute!

Mandy: These are UNREAL. As a mom of two, I can tell you just how precious and timeless these images will be. Priceless.

Amy: So cute! I love the one of the 3 of them together. What a great shot. Your colors are lovely. Nice!

Zoe Berkovic: these kids are seriously gorgeous! Great captures!

Ann: These are beautiful Robbie! I love the suitcase out in the field. The colors and clarity are beautiful as are these little girls!

Sarah Albert: how sweet! I LOVE this location!

I had so much fun with this group! ‘J’ just came home from Iraq and his wife scheduled a family session with me. She invited his 2 best friends and their families to come along as well. We had a lot of fun (minus the bees). Here is a sneak peek – I have a ton of images from this session so I’ll probably post more, but wanted to get a few up as quickly as possible!




And get this – the couple told me that their marriage proposal was ruined (didn’t explain how) and that he never got to propose to her properly. Even though they are already married, they asked me to capture a ‘proper’ marriage proposal. I was absolutely privileged to do so!!


Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be your photographer!!

And for those of you wondering about the new logo, I’ll post more details on that soon! 🙂

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Sara: You've been a busy bee! This session is so sweet. I love OpLove sessions!

misty: These are great!

I had the privilege of photographing these gorgeous sisters this weekend! There is a really cool story to go along with these, but I can’t share just yet… but as soon as I can, I will share! In the meantime, I wanted to share just a little sneak peek… thank you Miss ‘C’ for allowing me to photograph your sweet girls! ‘A’ and ‘A’, you were the perfect little models! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!






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Sara: Oh my goodness, this is my favorite session ever! These are TO DIE FOR! Awesome outfits, awesome location, awesome comps, and most of all awesome gorgeous girls!

Katie: These are beautiful!! Your color and lighting is fantastic and I love their outfits. Cute girls!

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