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Here is the sneak peek of part 2 of Christian’s session! We went urban for this part and focused a lot on football since it’s such a huge part of his High School experience. Too much fun! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy photographing seniors – really, truly LOVE IT.

I will have to start off by showing some of the outtakes. I mean, seriously, look what I had to put up with.


But really, I’m not complaining – it made things interesting and really fun! He couldn’t have been a better model and the camera most definitely loves him. AND his mama! Check her out, too – she’s gawgeous!







Thanks again for putting up with me another day. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!! Love you guys!

Kat Barbee: Awesome! You did an amazing job!! I especially love the one with us together (black/white). You're sweet! Can't wait to see the rest. Lots of great photos to choose from! Thanks! Kat

Kristin Rachelle: Great job on these! That last one is AMAZING!!!!

Jan: Those outtakes are hilarious! I love the second-to-last one. WOW! You did a great job w/ a great-looking guy!

lorissa: Wonderful work!!! Love the coloring of him holding the football helmet. the out takes!

Tammy Wahl: Great captures here! I have to say though - the outtakes? My favorite part. So funny!!

robyn: You have such a great variety of poses and locations - what a great session.

Shanna: Awesome stuff! I can't pick a favourite. There's too many! Love your work. :)

holly: UMM WOW these are the out takes too!

Karen: Very cool ideas here!!

Kathleen: these are awesome!!!

Michelle: LOVE these. Perfect shots of a handsome guy looking his best. The one on the truck is my favorite. :)

paula hickson: what a cutie!!!! where were these guys when i was in school?? great work as always!

Ann: What a cute guy! These are awesome shots, very masculine and cool! Great work!

stacey: these are so fun! great captures!

Krissy Allori: These turned out great! I think the outtakes are awesome and the variety in the finished product was amazing!

amber: Your captions CRACK me up! These are gorgeous, that one in the pads and jersey are awesome! beautiful lighting.

Naufal: , I'm saying tnkahs for him, Cody's mom! He's a good boy, but becoming too cool for school! I love these shots, Tanner is getting so big and he is so handsome!

Gosh Christian was a blast to photograph! We’re doing a 2 part shoot, so this is the sneak peek to part 1. He’s a 2010 senior, plays both offense and defense on his varsity football team and enjoys swimming, camping, going to the lake, movies and of course, football. He has quite the sense of humor as well – I couldn’t tell if he was serious half the time!

Thank you for being such a good sport and for allowing me to be your photographer! See you tonight for part 2!

I love this shot – I tried some different processing for this one.





And of course he was taking frequent text breaks. HA!




Kat Barbee: Love them, Robbie! I should send the photo of Christian/truck to FORD! I can't wait to see the photos from tonight's shoot. Thanks!

Katie: LOVE that first one! They are all great!

Jaidean Baker: These are great! Love that first one and the one's with his dog!!!

Lisa Little: Love your work! That first shot is so cool and love the pics with him and his dog! Very handsome Senior and great pics!!

lorissa: What a handsome young man. I love the shot with his dog. Beautiful colors....beautiful setting.

lisa: What a handsome young man! These are really nice... beautiful lighting!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: Wow, he's really buff. Cute guy, and love the pup, too! You did a great job with these.

sandra: These are great. Love the first one with his dog!

Jen: Love the texture and light in the first one!

Jen M: What a very handsome guy! You've really shown his personality here, love the facial expressions! And the shot with the black dog+black shirt was striking!

Ann: What a handsome guy! Love the images, especially the ones with his dog and truck! Great job!

Kari: Wow! These are spectacular! The lighting is perfect.

Lina: What a handsome young man, great captures!

Jodie Goodison: This are flippen fantastic! How on earth do they decide which ones to! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the truck one. LOVE LOVE the rest. :) Jodie G

One of these lovely couples was visiting from Japan so the family decided to get a 4 generation session done! I was invited to a lovely home to shoot these and the families were all just so warm and hospitable! Thank you all so much for allowing me to capture your gorgeous family!

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!









courtney miller: Awe! This is so special and so important for families to do together. What a sweet family!

Caryn: Beautiful! I love the colors in these! Great work!

lisa: They're going to love these! You've captured some wonderful connections here.

TracyT: What a gorgeous family! You did a wonderful job on these!!

casandra heeren: great job with the family image! love all the interaction!

paula hickson: oh how i love large family sessions and you definitely know how to do them right!! you captured the love between them all....great job!

Jennifer Boggett: They look like a fun family! Beautiful captures.

Cindy: Beautiful family! I am sure they will treasure these!

Megan Parker: I love the group shot! Great work!

Mandy: What a sweet family. I love that last one with the scrunchy face. These are great!

Amber: What wonderful memories you've created for this family! Well done!

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With fall sessions booking up quickly, I’m getting a lot of questions about what to wear for a session. I mean, that is probably the biggest thing people stress about and I completely understand that. Once it’s in print it’s, like, F.O.R.E.V.E.R and can never be changed, right? Well, there are several rules of thumb – no large logos, no loud prints, coordinating, but not matching, outfits, etc… Some people ignore these tips (please don’t HA!) and some get so concerned that they go uber-conservative (think white shirt and khakis). So, I thought I’d give you a visual to work with. Having a visual idea of what looks nice together helps a lot, at least for me – I’m a very visual person though.

Basically, pick a neutral (denim is also a neutral in this case) and then add a couple of accent colors that will compliment each other and use variations of those colors with the family members. Use the 3 color rule – it’s best to limit the bolder colors to 3.

Of course, when in doubt, just contact me, but hopefully these ideas will help you!






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Sweet Caroline Photo: Wow! This is awesome!

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I love to do sessions with military families. It’s bittersweet when I know the soldier is about to deploy, though. But, thank God for them and what they do for us. These guys were so much fun to shoot and I had tons of fun with them! The kiddos were little hams for me. The older one is 8, Mr. ‘B’, and he was so quiet and reserved until I got the camera out and he started hamming it up for me! Too funny!

Thanks, ‘G’ family for coming out on Sunday! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.







jennifer: what abeautiful family and a great session, these are so fun and Im sure they will cherish these forever!

sandra: Darling pictures, I love how their personalities shine through.

lorissa: What a beautiful family. Wonderful captures that the family will cherish forever.

Kristin Rachelle: I love that last one!!!!! great job on all of these. . .they will treasure these for sure!

TracyT: Awww I love that last one, but these are all great. Beautiful work!!

MelissaJ: Definitely ones to cherish. Those are 2 cute little boys. Love your color, too!

Amber: Oh, that last shot speaks volumes! These are great! ++

Kristin: What a beautiful family and gorgeous photos! This looks like it was such a fun session!

Cindy: What a cute family! that last one is adorable!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: That last one is so adorable!