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Wouldn’t this be the best gift ever? I photographed this little two weeker right before Christmas. She is so beautiful and has the most gorgeous skin! She made me work for these, but they were worth it!

These sweet parents were so proud! I had so much fun – thank you all for allowing me in to your home to share these moments with you. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!







Katherine: What a beautiful baby girl! You did such a great job capturing her! Love the last one! I don't know how the parents will choose!++

Jessica H: Beautiful! LOVE the family shots...gorgeous!

Andrea: oh. my. word.... SO PRECIOUS! What a sweetie pie, these photos are treasures!

Krissy Allori: Such a sweet little girl. Such beautiful light!

Holly: Love, Love, Love the first one! That needs to printed really BIG! Beautiful work!

Lisa: Oh, these are fab! I love the one of her all toppled over on the pink, that's just adorable.

Jennifer: Aw, what a precious little bundle!

Mandy: So feminine and sweet. I just love the last shot. Perfect skin and color.

jennifer adams: aww what a beautiful baby and gorgeous family. love that last shot so precious and sweet!

Jessica: What a perfect Christmas present:). Love the closeness of that first family shot!

Ingrid: awwwwww. how precious!!! I LOVE the last one! You did such a great job!

Chelsea Beck: Oh Robbie, these are so beautiful!! Love the first family shot and one with dad's shoes and the the one right below it and all of them :) Great job!

Zahir: Oh tough choice they are all so befutiaul! But I'm thinking I would have more versatility with the one on the left. Thinking I would wear it a few times. But would probably create a wonderful tent like area for the kids to have a nice calming nook to read and play games.

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Merry Christmas!!

December 25, 2009

As our Christmas Day comes to a close, I’m so thankful for everything and everyone in my life, and most of all for the reason for the season. I can’t begin to tell you how much Jesus has done for me – and it’s just so wonderful that 2000 years after His birth, we are still honoring Him every year on this day. We give gifts to those we love and care about because our heavenly Father gave his son to us, as a gift, to save the world. Amazing.

I hope this post finds everyone safe and sound and OFF those nasty roads! We actually postponed our family Christmas for a few days just so we wouldn’t be traveling today. It’s been such a fun day watching the kids play with their new games and toys and playing with them (until they decide I’m too lame at video games to keep playing with me – and it’s sooo true, that I’m lame at video games that is!).

On that note, I thought I’d post a few of my fam!! The awesome Sarah Mansur of Sarah Mansur Photography did our family portraits this year. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your talent with us! We are so greatful and love our images! And a big thank you to Stacy and Deemer, who allowed us to go to their ranch in Bixby to shoot on their amazing property! We had so much fun and just LOVED it out there!

We decided to do an extended family session and include my two sisters and my brother-in-law. We’ve never had a family portrait together and it was way overdue!








Since my oldest son ran far far away the first chance he got, Sarah didn’t get any individual shots of him, so before we left I made sure to get a few – this is one I just love! I know he’s not smiling, but sometimes those non-smiling shots are my favorites….


Merry Christmas and have a safe, and amazing New Year!!

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Jennifer: How cool! You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing these!

Kristin Rachelle: Beautiful captures!! They will treasure these!

Jessica: What a gorgeous family you have! Sarah did a wonderful job!

jennifer adams: oh wow what a gorgeous family session, love the location and setup, very cool! Love the shot of the two boys!!

Lina: Those are superb! Beautiful family.

Sweet baby ‘G’ couldn’t have been better for his first modeling session! He slept so well for me and was just a bundle of sweetness. I got to feed him and lull him to sleep at one point and I just didn’t want to put him down! He is a beautiful baby and I am so thankful, ‘D, that you allowed me to photograph this fleeting moment in time. He was born the week before Thanksgiving and couldn’t have been born at a more appropriate time as I know the family is so thankful for this wonderful gift!







Corine Tran: wow, these are all great! I love that first one, gorgeous pose!

Katie: The first one with Dad is AMAZING. :)

Angie: Pure sweetness! Great job!!

Krysia: oh my goodness. These are perfection. That first image is breath taking. Amazing!

lisa lucky: wow, #1 is amazing!!!

Claire: Love these! The first one is amazing! Great pose!++

rikki: wow great pics. what an angel

Jessica: Oh, the little smile at the end just gets me! Too, too sweet!

mollie: awwwwwww. precious. you captured some timeless images here.

Desiree Hayes: Awww, such a sweetie!! Cute!

Zoe Berkovic: These are breathtaking! Especially the first one!

Angela Crutcher: Gorgeous! Love the last one!

Ashley Duckett: These are all so gorgeous but the one with Dad is STUNNING! If that was my family, I would order a huge canvas of that.

Chelsea Beck: LOVE the first one with the dad, amazing!!!

Barb Cameron -Ottawa: I can't even pick a favorite because they are all so great!

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This young couple has a fitness bootcamp called ‘Tulsa Adventure Bootcamp for Women’ and wanted some commercial work done for their website. I was thrilled they came to me for this assignment! I had a blast with them… and if they can make me look like this, sign me up!!!! They look amazing!! Their background is in personal training so I know they are rocking this bootcamp!

Check out the website here!! It makes getting fit look like fun, and let me tell you, that is definitely saying something coming from me.








Thank you both for allowing me to do this for you! I wish you much continued success!

This N That: !!These are wonderful!! -Shellie

Laura Brett: Wow they look wonderful, great lighting!

Terra: wow wish I looked like that,they are in wonderful shape!! Great job on these!!

Jennifer Boggett: Great captures! They totally make me want to go to the gym....

Jane Eaton Hamilton: They're so ripped. Gorgeous job with these. She's a beautiful woman, for sure.

Jeni: Wow, great job. They look terrific!

Melody Hood: Well, now I feel pretty guilty about the fudgesicle I just ate for breakfast! Beautiful images! Your lighting is excellent!

Krysia: These are perfect! You captured them perfectly. Great job!

Ingrid: wow, these are great! They are in such perfect shape! great job!

Angela Crutcher: These are wonderful! Great work!

Ramsey Garza: WOW. These are wonderful, and I'm giving up pizza. Seriously great work.

I have photographed this gorgeous family before, so I was so excited when they asked me to do their fall portraits! These aren’t really a sneak peek, but definitely blog worthy so I just had to post!

You can definitely see where little ‘L’ gets her looks! Aren’t they gorgeous?




‘L’ totally humored me with this one!!! Thank you for letting me wrap you in leopard fur!! I just couldn’t resist!



I had a blast with you guys!!! Thank you for allowing me to be your photographer!

Katherine: Wow; they really do look so much alike! These are all beautiful pictures, and I especially love the soft sweetness of the last one (and such pretty fall colors, too!).

Angela Crutcher: What a beautiful mom and daughter. Love these! That last one is absolutely perfect!

Kristi Mangan: Beautiful momma & daughter! Gorgeous images. I love that last one - gorgeous!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: They could be sisters! These are lovely and she's a cute little poser, isn't she?

Chelsie: Beautiful pictures!! Nice job!

Laura Brett: Beautiful mom and daughter. Great job!

Lisa Little: gorgeous photos! I adore her clothing choices!

jennifer adams: wow gorgeous mom and daughter, love how colorful these are, gorgeous work!

Salina J: Wow, these are gorgeous. Beautiful family, lovely color and soft light.

Terra: wow gorgeous ladies!! You did a great all the colors!

Krysia: oooh I just LOVE these. She is such a little mini-me version of her mom. They are beautiful. You captured her perfectly.

Zoe Berkovic: These are STUNNING!! I can't pick a favorite!

Ramsey: What a doll. She is beautiful. The clarity and color is spot on. This is great work.

Potka: Hi Sarah!Just want to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you lave a Lovely day!! You relaly do deserve it, glad you saw our birthday banner at CIN! Have a great day xxxxLove Melissa(@_Melllll)xxxx

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These gorgeous girls were so fun! They sure loved the Smarties! I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out – group shots with these ages can be really hard and I actually got a few!

This really isn’t a sneak peek because the gallery is almost ready, but it’s just that time of year! My blog is taking a hit but I couldn’t resist posting some of these!

Thank you so much, ‘S’, for allowing me to photograph you and the girls. You are ALL stunning and so much fun!







Tammy Wahl: Wow Robbie, these are really gorgeous.

Amy: 3 Girls a family after my own heart. Love the shots~ #1 is too cute..

Nicole williams: BEAUTIFUL work!!! They are all soooo stinkin' cute!

Lisa Kryschuk: Beautifully done! What sweethearts !

lisa: What adorable little girls! Love your lighting in these.

Megan: Nice job Robbie. Love #4!

Jessica: What a darling family--and I love that they had photos in their jammies:). Beautiful light and clarity!

Karen: These girls are a d o r a b l e ! Those eyes-breathtaking!!

Lina: wow! This mom rocked some nice outfits - now that's being prepared for a session :) Beautiful work.

Corine Tran: Gorgeous photography! You really captured the beauty of these little girls, awesome!

Angela Crutcher: These are absolutely adorable! I love all of their cute out fits!

Giovanna: Beautiful! love their outfits!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: So stinkin' sweet. You did a great job.