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I just love how alert and expressive Miss ‘M’ was today! She is truly precious and I seriously could have held and talked to her all day! *sigh*… She finally went into a nice, deep sleep right at the end of our session! She fought it hard, too!

So, here is the sneak peek for you, ‘G’ family! Since the kiddos have no school tomorrow, I stayed up late to get this up. With that nasty storm coming I didn’t want to chance losing power and not being able to get this up for you! Enjoy – and more to come soon… It was truly a pleasure spending the afternoon with you, ‘S’, and of course baby ‘M’. She is a doll!







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Joanne Green: These pictures of Miss Mackenzi are truely awesome. She is so beautiful, you have captured her well. I keep trying to pick out my favorite but they are all so good. Love the staging. Thanks for sharing. Miss M's - Nana

Tami Green: These are just TOO precious.. She is so adorable Shelley. I think she likes the camera. What great memories and great pictures! Can't wait to see the rest of them. Love, Aunt Tami

Jen Mahoney: Gorgeous images of a gorgeous girl. Love all the pink, and the last image is to die for!

Ingrid: awwww I love her eyes! What a sweetie! Too precious!

Melissa Rodriguez: LOOK at those big baby blues! Just gorgeous!

This engagement session was so FUN! Sarah and Jimmy are just so HAPPY to be getting married! They adore each other and it totally shows! I had a blast with them today and can’t wait to shoot the upcoming wedding!

Thank you guys so MUCH for allowing me into this special time of your lives!








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Paul: Have fun, Eric. I've always enjeyod San Diego, even if mostly what I've seen is the Convention Centre designed by a Vancouverite, by the way ;) and a bit of the Gaslamp District. Also, the weather is milder than some other parts of California, especially if you're by the water. It's a joy to find someone who can think like that I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it's free? Awesome! I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm locked and loaded.

Ok, so here is part 2! Baby ‘A’ slept like an angel while we were miserably hot, but that’s how it goes during these newborn sessions! The hotter the better!

I love it when dads are involved in the sessions – some dads are in it just to make mom happy, but this dad was hands on! His music is very important to him so we incorporated this into the session. Here is one of the shots we did. I just love it!


And I just love this family shot – so sweet!


There are so many personal touches in their lovely home, too… love the quote on the wall above the crib! I had to tweak the watermark because it was so distracting. I hate that watermarking is necessary, but it’s needed so my images don’t end up on some disturbing site (seen it happen, sadly).



There are many more, of course, but that’s enough of a teaser for now!

I can’t thank you enough, ‘D’ family, for allowing me into your home to share these moments with you and sweet baby!

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Ingrid: Oh my!!!! These are so gorgeous! I love the piano shot and I ADORE the Coldplay lyrics!!!!

this n that: These are great. She sure is a cutie, and I love how you used her home. -Shellie

Chelsea Beck: Gorgeous! LOVE the wide crib shot!

This sweet peanut was the most content little thing ever! We split this session in to two parts because of a doctor’s appt, so this is a sneak peek for part 1. I truly could have held this sweet baby all day long and had so much fun photographing her! And I adore this family – I am so glad you guys chose me to be your photographer!





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It was great to see baby ‘S’ again! She has gotten so big and was so sweet. We figured out that she is a Ritz cracker fan! Thank you, ‘J’ for bringing her in to me again! She is precious and I so enjoyed our time together!!




When we put her in this fluffy petti, she didn’t know how to crawl under all that fluff! So I had fun catching her while she was trying to figure out how to move around in it! Too cute!



Lisa Kryschuk: So precious, lovely lighting! Adore that first one!

Holli: SO sweet! These are super cute and fresh. Love your color here. These would make adorable valentines day cards!

Jennifer Boggett: What a cutie! Love all of the expressions you captured. That first one is stunning.

Anne: What a gorgeous little girl! I love the expression where she's trying to figure out what to do about that tutu!

Chrissy Torney: Oh what a cutie!! I love the colour in these!

Jamie Heyl: What sweet photos and a precious little girl! I love them all, especially the ones with the damask bg ++

Giovanna: She is so cute! Love her big sparkly eyes and sweet little mouth!

Jeanette LeBlanc: What a darling little girl - some very cute captures!

Amber: What a beauty!! That first one is gorgeous!!

Lina: Those are amazing, family must be thrilled, GORGEOUS!

Julie Wagoner: What a great session. I love them all!

Katherine: So beautiful!! That 1st one is perfect!

Apri: Ok..the petti image is beyond adorable. What a cutie!

Krissy Allori: Ah, so cute! You really captured some great light in those big blue eyes and I love the mommy and baby shots. Beautiful color too!

Amy Sansbury: These are so sweet! What a doll.

mandy: What a darling little one. I adore the colors!