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This sweet little thing was only 5 days old but was over 9 lbs at birth! I can relate because both of my boys were a week late and over 9 lbs. I remember being in the hospital with my first born and nurses would stop in their tracks as they walked by my room and say WOW that is a BIG baby! Um yeah.

This little one was so precious and just slept the entire time! Mom and dad made sure their home was nice and HOT and baby had a full belly, which made photographing her a total dream! That and having the lovely and talented Sarah Mansur photographing with me helped a lot, too! Having two sets of hands made a huge difference!!

Here is your sneak peek, ‘B’ family! Little baby ‘T’ was so squishy and sweet – I just love the little rolls in the hammock shot!! Thank you for allowing us to photograph your beautiful family!






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Lori Bray: They are perfect, beautiful!!!!!! Thank you for posting these!

Kristen: YOWZA!! That's a whole lot of yumminess; she's beautiful! Love them all!

Layc: Really loved the photos, they have caueprtd every element of the day perfect. Im a cousin living in the uk and was unable to attend the big day, so really really appreciated the photos. X

We’ll likely have to have a part 2 to this session. This little guy was so sweet and cuddly – he wanted to be held the entire time and would wake up after getting him to sleep when he realized he wasn’t being held! I did get about 30 minutes of deep sleep with him, though! I was the one who woke him up, actually, when I plopped my vinyl beanbag onto the wood floor! I wasn’t prepared for the loud ‘SLAP’ it made! oops. 🙂

His parents were such troopers and though exhausted because of sleep deprivation, they put up with me all afternoon! Thank you guys so much for allowing me into your home to meet you and your sweetie! Here is your sneak peek…








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Gosh, she can’t be a year old already can she? I just photographed her as a newborn! It’s so bittersweet when a baby planner graduates! Ok, so on with the sneak peek! It’s been so awesome watching you get big, sweet, A!








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Jan Vaughn: Oh My Gosh! I just don't know how much more beautiful one little girl can get. I love the pictures...everyone of them. Such great ideas too. Robbie does such a wonderful job. Love, Grandma

Jan Vaughn: P.S. The very first picture is so adorable. I love her little expression. Sooo sweet. From Grandma (again)

Amanda: Congratulations!!! I know you had a long road ahead!!! What a wonderful blsnsieg!!! You are a wonderful mom both your children are so blessed!!! Hope she is feeling better!

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cheap insurance: Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

Tracy won the cookies!

February 12, 2010

I used for generating the random blog post number. It was #5 so Tracy is the winner!

Congratulations, Tracy! You will love these cookies!

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A Sweet Giveaway!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Robbie G Photography!

I thought I would honor this Sweet holiday by giving away a Sweet Treat to my awesome blog readers! You do have to enter, but that will be explained shortly! But first, the goods.



These seriously are the best cookies you will ever eat! I had the privilege of shooting some promo images for Barbee Cookies before the holidays. Their signature Barbee Cookie is a To DIE For Chocolate Chip cookie with dark and white chips and walnuts. They are over one inch thick!

I’m giving away a dozen of these amazing cookies for one of my blog readers! To get a chance at this prize, share your favorite Valentine’s Day memory (or describe your dream Valentine’s Day) in the comment section! You must post by 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 10th. The winner will be announced on my blog on February 11th and your cookies will be ready by Valentine’s Day! If you are an out-of-towner, no worries, we’ll ship it to you!

They also have a signature Chocolate Cookie with white chips, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, White Chocolate Cranberry, Snickerdoodles and an amazing Sugar Cookie, too! If you are looking for a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day or any other day, give Kat and Kelly a call!




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Anna Gross: I think my most memorable Valentines Day was Feb of 2009. Our family complete with our beautiful daughter and son. Something about being a mother and being surrounded by your family makes any and everyday memorable.

Leanne: A sweet Valentine's memory I have is Valentine's Day 2006. We had one month old twins and I was rarely getting out of my robe on a daily basis. When I did leave the house, it was for a few minutes to run to Walgreens for more diapers. A dear friend emailed me and said, "I'm coming over to keep the twins on Valentine's Day at lunch time so you and your husband can go out to lunch." She didn't say, "When?" or "If..." or "Let me know...", she just said, "I'm coming!" I put on real clothes, brushed my hair, and enjoyed a lovely lunch out with my hubby. It may seem simple, but at the time, it meant so much just to have a friend realize that need and do that for us!

cheryl: In second grade my boyfriend, Andy Avery, rode his bike to my house and brought me a box of chocolate covered cherries. How excited I was! My first love!

Maria: Freshman year of college. My then, crazy boyfriend, gave me a fire extinguisher and a curling iron for Valentine's Day. I lived in a dorm, I didn't need either and he meant them to be serious. I cried, he took me to dinner at a Greek place and then said, "you don't mind paying, do you?" Wow, really? Now I think it's hysterical but I had to live through it so it sucked back then. Memorable... Oh and no, we didn't last. I am happily married to a non-crazy man.

Tracy Emmons: Even when we were dating, my now-husband and I never really celebrated Valentine's day. Instead we believed our love should be celebrated everyday, not just once a year. However, Valentines Day 2007 we found out we were pregnant with our first child, JJ. What a wonderful way to honor our incredible love with the gift of the greatest love of our life!

Dawn: Our first Valentines day together. David bought me a teddybear that was holding a small box with a cross necklace in it. He put the bear in a box and scratched the bottom so I would scream and think it was a live mouse. It worked.

Cheryl G.: I have a dream!! My perfect Valentine's Day would be for my husband to whisk me away to somewhere warm on the beach for the weekend and my girls would come too.....but stay in a separate room with Mary Poppins:) And my husband would cater to all my needs.....foot massages, rubbing suntan lotion on my back, reading me romantic poetry, feeding me delicious Barbee's cookies and telling me over and over how much he loves me! Oh how I wish dreams would come true!!

Amy: Yum, yum. Looks good. I like cookies like those when they are hot out of the oven. Amy

Easter: A simple and innlgeilett point, well made. Thanks!