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I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started photographing these girls! The 2 little ones are twins – born at 29 weeks – and such little miracles! And they sure love their big sis!

You can see how much they have grown by looking here and here.

I had a ton of fun yesterday with the ‘K’ family – thank you guys so much for allowing me to spend the afternoon with you!

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Look at this sweet little pout. Love it!


Now there’s a smile!!


Little ‘J’ was all about playing games – just don’t ask her to look at you, she’s too smart for that!



And of course, here’s gorgeous big sis!


We had a ton of fun with our fruit ‘picnic’! The twins liked the apples! ‘B’ liked taking one bite, sucking the juice out, and spitting out the peel and little ‘J’ would taking one huge bite from an apple, throw it down, and get another one to bite in to! Big sis, ‘A’, liked the lemons! I’ve never seen anyone peel a lemon and eat it like an orange but she certainly did and never made one face! I’m seriously making a face just thinking about it!




There are many more favorites but I have to save some for the gallery. More to come soon!

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Heidi | One Girl Photo: Love, love the light! And beautiful girls. :)

Ingrid: that is gorgeous! LOOOVE her red hair! So adorable! The first is my absolute favorite! Hope they print that in a huge canvas at least!

Jennifer: Wonderful pictures!! You were able to capture the beauty of all my girls!! Even my wild blond crazy one!! Thanks for your patience with all but mainly the one and you know who I am referring to!! Thanks again.

Mountainland Applied Tech: I love that first one. You're right, the pout really makes the picture. Great work!

These ladies came to me for some headshots for their business. They wanted something a little more modern than the traditional headshot. I thought a crisp, white background would do just the thing! But wow, look how gorgeous they are? The best part is that they are sisters! How cool that two sisters who not only grew up together, could also run a business together (and still love each other)? I love it!

Anyway, here is your sneak peek, ladies! You are both just too stunning for words and so photogenic! I hope you like what you see so far.








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Renette: Wow! Robbie, Did you do these at your house? Teach me!! Teach me!! :)

Amy: Thank you Robbie, what sharp photos! I love the look and vibe, you hit the nail on the head. What a gift you have been given! Can't wait to see the full gallery :-)

Gabriel: I love those ideas - maybe a "seasonal" bento theme based on the summer that only inudcles seasonal food or alternatives to egg-sheets and such? I would love to see a totally vegan theme, as well! ^.~

Jane: I gave up on ever finding flubenvet and instead got pellets with it already in. Seems to have worked fine and iniefitnly less hassle than all the mixing etc.

tropicana orange juice coupons: Pentru ca vad ca toata lumea iti recomanda din Iasi, eu iti voi recomanda ceva din Suceava. Din judet. Sa nu ratezi Hanul Ancutei si sa nu incerci sa muti scaunele (sunt din fier masiv). Si sa faci o poza sa-mi reamintesc si eu de Hanul Ancutei. Spor!

Wow, can this guy take a bad shot? I don’t think so – I love them all!

He was so serious in most of these – his mom and I kept getting him to laugh but he’d turn his head every time. I know he’s more of a cutup than he portrays here!

Thank you guys for allowing me to be your photographer! Enjoy sneak peek part 2!








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