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I can’t believe how much ‘S’ has changed since I started photographing her at 4 months old! She has beautiful, auburn curls and such a sweet personality. Big brother, ‘D’, wanted to get in to the action as well so we got a few shots of him, but I must say he needs a session all his own. He was way too busy for my camera!

Here is a sneak peek! Thank you so much, Juli, for bringing your kiddos out and allowing me to have fun photographing them!







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Kavita: The one on the left is beautiful! I lend it to my 12 year old dagthuer and take pictures of her in downtown Tulsa. There is a place I found just yesterday where the colors would match beautifully with the scarf. After that it would be mine all mine!

When this young man walked in to meet me for the first time, I just looked up, way up, at this guy, towering over me at 6’6″ tall, thinking, ‘Wow, this is Jane’s baby boy about to graduate!!’ It made me think of my 2 boys and that I would be in this position one day – looking up at my boys, towering over me – my baby boys – and thinking, ‘Wow, my boy is graduating!’ What a bittersweet thing!

And you know when you can tell that someone is really special – this guy was just as polite and respectful as could be, watching over his little brothers (trying to sneak around with a bb gun), and petting the kitty that would NOT leave him alone during our shoot (seriously, this cat would just tag along the whole time and keep getting in my shots so she could be by JR!)

He plays the lineman position in football, plays basketball and loves weight lifting. He love bond fires, church and playing video games as well. And is about to head off to college! I’m sure he will breeze through with girls chasing him all the way!

So, anyway, here are a few from JR’s session. We shot these on his family’s amazing property! Loved the light there and the open field, the horse barn, etc. Too fun! Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek!!!

HA look at this – you can see the above refernced kitty in the background on the fence. I can’t tell you how many times JR moved to get away from her and/or threw her off the fence. She just wouldn’t take the hint!





And check out this ring! The LCS football team won state in their division! Go Bulldogs!


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snedden: Thanks Robbie, we love these pictures. J.R. looks like a, when did that happen. I love the shot a the barn!!!

Magdalena: Rather than a weekly uptdae, why not use the Praxis graphs; instead of having the x-axis as 24 hours, have it for the winter season, say Oct 1 to May 1 (we don't usually have snow outside of those months). You could plot last year's data as yesterday's' data, as well as add a third line for the 30 year average (might just be steps of monthly long term averages?). Then we could see this winter grow above (or below) the line and know exactly where we stand every 15 minutes! Oh the excitement.

It’s a boy???

May 20, 2010

Well, it’s official now. Really official. I’m pregnant. NO WAY you say. Yes way. At 42 I’m having my 3rd baby. 18 weeks along now. I’ve actually known for a while but hadn’t really announced it here because I really wanted to find out what gender this bundle of surprise was.


According to my doctor, I’m having a boy. Oddly enough, my 2 boys, currently living outside of the womb, cried when I told them – and not tears of joy, either. Maybe they just want someone to torment, I don’t know – you know, with bugs and snakes and stuff. Anyway, go figure, they wanted a baby sister. BAD.

Everyone thought I was having a girl. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Well, except one of my sisters, who just confessed this to me today, conveniently. I just knew it was a girl, too. I knew both of my boys were boys and just knew this one was a girl. It’s hard not to be a little let down because my mind was so made up no matter how much I fought it! I’m certainly over it now because I truly have the best boys a mom could ask for – sweet, sensitive, mamma-lovin, boys. One more will be a treat!

I must say, though, I don’t see it. Really. Ultrasound images aren’t exactly portraits, mind you, but supposedly they show what needs to be shown. But honestly, based on this image, looks like a girl to me. Seriously, I’m not just saying that out of some subconscious, secret desire. I don’t see the, um, important boy part (penis). I see a line and what ‘might’ be the peanuts but but but… The doc swears he saw it, though. But I need MORE – I want it to glare at me! See, what if I decorate a boy room, buy all the boy clothes, get all settled on a boy and have a girl? Man, I can’t tell you what that would do with my borderline OCD brain – seriously it would fry it. I’d go comotose right there on the delivery table.

So, what do you think? Here is the pic, folks. The one that tells all but yet tells nothing. Good grief why am I such a planner??


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Angie: Hi Bump Buddy! Girls have 3 straight lines, all equal in length. Looks like a hamburger. Boys can have three lines, but the middle line is longer. Check out Anticipation Ultrasound! I wasn't convinced this time either! The tech immediately went to the money shot, and it's 99.9% sure a girl! Em and B are going to be big sisters! Keep us posted! Angie

This sweet little guy was only 14 days old and was such a little peanut! He made me work for these but he was so sweet I could have held him all night!

I’m so glad I was able to capture sweet baby ‘G’ and his gorgeous family! I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek!






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Robbie G Photography is looking for Senior Spokesmodels for the 2011 school year! If you are a girl graduating in 2011, have an outgoing personality, and would be willing to show off the images we take of you, then we want to hear from you! If you are chosen to represent our studio, you can get your senior photo session for free AND get some cool gifts and prints, too!

Just click here to get all the Spokesmodel program details and to fill out the application. Use the password ‘seniorsrule’ to access it.

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Marcia: I have a 13 year old daughter. Let me know if you would like to see any pteuircs of her.I also have a 6 months old boy, 5 yr old girl & a 3 yr old girl We make pretty babies :-} Ya learn something new everyday. It's true I guess!