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I can’t believe I haven’t posted this wedding before now! I so enjoyed photographing this intimate wedding – Jody and Mark are just so in love and now have a wonderful blended family. I’m so happy for them!












sophie crew: Beautiful bride, and gorgeous couple! Great job on these!

Katie Lou: That little guy inthe 2nd family shoot is so cute! Sweet family, and i love the ring shot!

Susan: Gorgeous wedding! I love the first photo of the bride. She is beautiful. Terrific dress! Also love the 3rd group photo...adorable!

Kristi Mangan: such gorgeous light & i love the green! beautiful couple!

Kimberly Marie: These are so lovely! beautiful work! The ring shot is fabulous, LOVE it!

Karen: Ah!! That ring shot is TDF!!!

Alisa: Lovely images you captured here. Great job - and I agree that ring shot is fabulous.

Lila: Lovely images! The bride is beautiful and everyone looked like they were having so much fun. Great job capturing these moments!! Love them!

Krysia: What a beautiful wedding. I just love the soft tones and all the greens. Gorgeous.

Katherine: These are so beautiful!! I LOVE her dress! You did a fantastic job with these!

Vickie: Gorgeous bride! Love her dress. That ring shot is awesome.

Rebekah: beautiful! love your backlighting on these!

gil: What a beautiful couple and wonderful images! The group shots are really great!

Tori Piercy: What a great looking couple! And these are so lovely- great job!

Simge: Marcy, I love the images you took of my famliy. You are a wonderful photographer with a great eye. You can take this business anywhere you want to go! Thanks again for the beautiful images of my famliy. These two that you put on your blog also happen to be my favorite.

Koe: , I think, that he was inspired to name the film L'Eclisse beuasce of that feeling of anticipation - the suspension of all emotion as people pause to gasp incredulously. Of course the shot of the street lamp in the ending scene echoes this... of the viewer waiting and waiting for Vitti and Delon to appear, pausing and looking, and ultimately, being disappointed.And btw Alain Delon is SO FIT. This info is the cat's pajamas! Yo, that's what's up truthfully.

Gosh, it’s been so wonderful watching this little one grow up! I started photographing her as a newborn and it’s amazing how much she’s changed! She is just such a gorgeous baby with such a sweet and happy disposition! It is sad to see her graduate, but she does have a baby sister due in about 6 weeks, so hopefully that means I will see more of her (and of course her new baby sister!!)

I had to work a little harder for these than usual because she was having a little separation anxiety. It’s very much expected, but usually happens a little earlier than the 1 yr mark. As long as mom was nearby, she was fine and dad was a huge help acting silly to get her to smile and laugh! Sadly, I was the stranger she wanted nothing to do with so I was glad dad was there! HAHA!

Thank you all for braving this heat to come out for this shoot! Had we not done it at the crack of dawn I don’t think any of us would have survived!!! You guys are awesome – and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!





And what is a 1 year session without a cake smash! She was very dainty about the whole thing and would eat one polkadot at a time! She had a blast with it, though!


Elle: Adorable!!! Gosh, I love those first ones with the vintage headband!! Just priceless!!

Megan: Wow, those first ones in the hat are AMAZING!!! Seriously, they are art.

Clarice: Great shots! What a cute little girl!

Tori Piercy: Awwww, what a gorgeous little girl! Those first ones with the hair piece are stunning!

Cindy: She's adorable! Love that cake smash, it will such a great memory!

Kimberly Marie: These are darling! Love the first one. super precious!!

Connie: Love her outfit and headband in the first set! Wonderful work!

Salina J: These are great! I love the second one, her clothes and her expression are perfect.

Beira: What a doll! I love the color and clarity of that first one.

Vickie: Oh my...what a doll! Those first two shots are just stunning and I love the cake smash collage.

jennifer adams: aww, these are beautiful! I LOVE those first two, gorgeous work!

Amanda: What a super fun session! Love the cake photos so much.

Rebekah: what a doll! cute cake shots, too!

April: Robbie! Oh my, these are just so cute! I LOVE that headband in the first shots. Is it weird that I would totally want to wear something similar to that?! ;)

I was so excited to do this session of Chamari! She is due to graduate in 2011 and is one of my Senior Spokesmodels! This session was her spokesmodel session – we’ll do her actual senior session this fall. The camera most definitely loves her!

Chamari attends Booker T. Washington High School and is a soccer trainer. She is a wonderfully well-rounded girl and involved in various school clubs and community groups. It was wonderful spending the evening with her!











sophie crew: She's gorgeous! Love that location!

Jaidean: She is beautiful! Love all the variety!

Bre Thurston: I love this session! I LOVE her clothes, especially the outfit with the black shorts. So cute!

Susie L: What a beautiful senior! Love the variety of images. I think my favorite one is on the stairs - great color in these!

Vickie: Beautiful girl! I love all of the different textures & colors at that location.

Kari: Beautiful girl! Her skin is amazing! Love all the angles!

mandy: What a beautiful girl. Love your deep color and your posing. Awesome.

jennifer adams: wow, these rock! Shes gorgeous, I just love your location and colors!

Angela Crutcher: Oh I LOOOOVE these!!! She is just stunning! Love your location and the colors are amazing!

Lina: Gorgeous, and so much fun! Such great captures, you did a beautiful job!

Rebekah: rockin' outfit choices! love the bold colors!

Connie: She's beautiful! And I love the location!

lasonda: you rock i just love everyone of them i can not wait for the senior pictures these will be for the americas next top model photo. you jammed

Ebony: WOW, all I can say is WOW!!!! She looks amazing

Katie: Love these! Your color and locations are so fun!