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This little guy was just the sweetest thing ever. I seriously could have held him all day!

He hated my hats. I must say that was quite humorous, though! Every time I’d try and put a hat on him, he’d fuss fuss fuss – I’d take the hat off, and he’d be off to sleep again. Soooo I would try again – same thing. Too funny!

I managed to get a few with one hat but otherwise, he’s hatless – which is fine, since he’s so dang cute without a hat!

Thank you so much, ‘W’ family, for allowing me into your home to photograph your beautiful family. More to come soon!


At one point, dad was holding him and he woke up – look at that eye contact and the little grin!!!






Sophie Crew: Awww, what a sweetie! Love #4. I am sure the parents are going to love these!

Liz: So lovely. I adore all of the newborn shots and the family one is precious.

Jen: The first shot is perfect. I love all of these.

susie L: What gorgeous portraits! The first one takes my breath away. Love the clarity of #2 and what a great capture #4 is with that adorable smile!

Leanne: What a sweetheart. I love that first family shot, just perfect.

mollie: goodness these are just too sweet!!

Shey: What a sweetie pie!! Love the little hats and the cocoon! Such a beautiful family - great work!

Cristina: Wonderful work, hat or no hat ;) He's adorable and so bright eyed in the awake one! The first portrait in particular is so full of emotion - my favourite!

Jessica: Beautiful newborn & great work on these images...I can only imagine how excited the parents are!!

melba Freeman: Oh they are some good pictures of Jack. Baby he is a doll.

amy: What an adorable Newborn.

Jill: So sweet! I love his little expression in #2, I can just hear him cooing.

Stacie: What a cutie - nice work!

rebekah: 4th one is just breath-taking. lovely images!

Shawnda: Robbie, I think you did an amazing job on all of them! I don't know how we can pick just one of them!! :) Thanks for coming out and doing such a wonderful session....we will call on you again and again to do our family portraits!

teri mason: what a doll! and funny about the hats, but looks like you managed to get a great one with a hat :) beautiful work!

Lina: Gorgeous! Love the family shot, beautiful and soulful.

Jen Stafford: LOVE these! They are perfect. What a beautiful family portrait, too.

This little guy was just so perfect for his little mini session! I’m so glad I get to see him grow to be a sweet one year old! He is 4 months old in these images and just as cute as a button – love all the wonderful eye contact! Just love those baby blues!

Thank you, ‘L’, for allowing me to be baby G’s photographer! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I love the little outfits you picked out for him, too!




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Shanna: oh my gosh, he is so sweet! I love all the red!

Rhonda Stark: he is just too adorable! great job capturing him .. i love that second shot of him!

Kristi Mangan: what a cutie with such gorgeous eyes. great job capturing him!

Elle: Cuteness overload!! Great work!!

Amanda: Your lighting is beyond perfection! You did such an awesome job capturing this little sweetie.

amy: Look at those eyes.. adorable.

Kimberly Marie: So adorable!! beautiful light and clarity! Love these

rebekah: what a cutie! love your lighting in these!

Salina J: Beautiful! What amazing eyes on this baby, great work!