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Ok, I promised a few of the cake smash so here it is! We had run out of light during her outdoor shoot so we came indoors for the cake smash. She smashed it, too, didn’t she??? Toooo cute!!






And of course, one of the final damage. HAHA!


Tiffany C: There she is! Looking beautiful and having so much fun! Love them all!

Tiona: She really went in! Good job!! You caught this milestone moment so well. Love them!

Lisa Kryschuk: So fun!!!! She really dug in there, beautiful!!!

Susie L: Now that looks like a fun photoshoot! Love everything about it - her cake, tutu and how cute she looks! Great job!

Evelyn: How fun!! Great work!

Anette: Ohh, I love to see cake never know how they will go. She's so adorable in her tutu and the cake is so pretty too. I love to see how totally into this she adorable!!

Sophie Crew: How adorable! Looks like she had a blast eating her cake! What a cutie!

Beira: Love these! Looks like she really enjoyed the session.

Katie Lou: Oh wow! She dug in! So funny!

Jackie King: Oh Tiffany!! These are adorable!!

Laurie: Oh My goodness! Looks like she loved it!

Leanne: That kid knows how to eat cake!!!! Great milestone captured perfectly, she is adorable.

This sweet little blondie is almost 1 yr old! She wasn’t quite walking yet but she was still always on the move! She certainly made me work for these shots but it was so much fun!

We did a separate cake smash so I’ll share those in another post – but here’s a few for now. Thank you, ‘C’ family, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful little family!








Lisa H: Oh my goodness, she is a DOLL! I love all of her cute expressions! Absolutely adore the shot where she's poking dad...too cute! What treasures for this family!

Cindy: Such an adorable child and precious captures! That first one is my favorite, her expression is priceless!

Claire: What a little doll! Such a beautiful family and I love the location you chose! Beautiful work as always.

Nicki B: What a beautiful session. I really love your delicate processing. She is such a cutie pie too!

Kelli: Just beautiful! Love the light and the location. Can't wait to see the ones form the cake smash!

anette: Awe, she's just such a cutie!!! I love all the different expressions she gave you and I can't believe how still she sat for you...1 year olds can be so hard. The lighting and locations are gorgeous and I love her outfits.I think my favorite one is that last one...she's just too cute in it!!

Tiffany C: I love them! She is so animated! You did a great job capturing "the many expressions" of our baby girl! Thank you Robbie, we are so happy we found you!

Leesa: What great backgrounds you have chosen to enhance the beautiful litte one and her family. Adorable!!

Rhonda: oh these are so sweet! love love the location and your processing .. just lends an air of sweetness to the whole session!

Kristi: Adorable shots! Love your location..the lighting is fab!

Kristin Rachelle: Gorgeous little girl! Love these all, I'm sure her parent's must be THRILLED!

Liz: What a great session!! She is so stinking cute!

Bre: Just gorgeous! I love the colors and the light. Perfect for a little girl :)