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This is such a great kid! I’ve known him forever and am so privileged to have photographed him for his senior pictures.

He played baseball for a couple of years as a pitcher but decided to move to track when his arm started bothering him. He helped his team win state last year in track and is on the way to another great year! But, there’s also a cowboy in him. The look certainly suits him! Isn’t he cute? Seriously, the camera loved him. I had a hard time getting him to look serious – just a happy guy with a great smile!

Hope you enjoy these so far – it was so hard to pick just a few!









Elle: Wow, amazing work!! Love that last one!!

Jen Mahoney: Ah, what a cutie and that smile really suits him for sure! Love all the variety that you've given him here, fantastic images!

April: Wow, that 2nd to last shot is amazing! He is quite the handsome young fella. I also really love the subtle way you incorporated his track shoes in the shot above. Nice job on these!

mollie: oooh love the variety you got! i'm sure he loves these!

Jennifer B: What a handsome guy! LOVE these - the lighting, the posing - all of it. Amazing work!

kristin: wow what a handsome kid!!! i love the variety you captured and the super cool locations you chose!!! great job!

Melissa Klein: What a handsome guy! Love the lighting in these, and you got some awesome variety here! Fantastic work!

Jaidean: These are great! He is handsome and love the variety!

amandar: These are great. I love the different settings they come up really well. No doubt he loves the shots.

Lindy Mowery: I love the lighting in the second one... I love them all!

Lina: You have a really hard job, don't you? All those hawt guys to hang out with, great captures!

Gen: You did give such an amazing variety! These are great shots!!!!

Karen Byker: Oh, that last one with the cowboy hat is my fav! These are great! Wonderful work!

Lina: Love plays with light! Your job is not too shabby, is it?

What can I say about this young lady? She is scary smart, truly kind, and sweet as can be. She is also a fabulous athlete, in fact I don’t think she has ever tried anything that she wasn’t naturally good at… and just an amazing well-grounded kid.

Wait…. kid – did I say kid? She is my niece and yes, she’s a kid. She can’t be graduating and this can’t be her in these pictures. This ‘person’ is truly gorgeous, like Kara, but way too grown up. I must have photographed an imposter!!

And yes, I posted a ton. In fact, this is the tip of the iceberg – there were so many amazing shots of her that this is by no means all of the good ones. I’m having to resist posting more in fact! I had a blast with this photo shoot and feel so privileged to have gotten to photograph her. Thank you, Kara, for letting me do this!!!












Kristi: She is gorgeous!! Awesome many beautiful shots!

Ann Galovich: WOW!! She is gorgeous!! I am loving this whole set - the posing, use of light, everything is perfection. She is going to be one very happy girl!

Melissa Rodriguez: What a STUNNING girl! Your work really shows off just how amazingly gorgeous she is - great shots!!!!

Evelyn: She is so pretty!! These are amazing!

mollie: good. ness. she is so pretty!! these are awesome

Lisa Kryschuk: She is gorgeous! Beautiful images!

Amanda: Wow...these are seriously GORGEOUS Robbie! I would be so happy with these if they were mine. The lighting is perfect and your processing is simple, yet still makes a statement. Great posing too!

Megan: Gorgeous! Really love those first ones on the chair and couch.

Kathleen Weibel: Wow - she is stunning. Gorgeous session. I really love your posing.

Krissy Allori: Wow, she is really gorgeous. She looks so mature! I bet she just loves how these turned out.

Melissa Klein: Gorgeous! I would have never guessed high school senior. Fantastic photos! That's an inventive answer to an interesting question