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I was so thrilled to get to photograph more of Courtney! Some of my packages allow a session to be split among two days to get more variety so that’s why I have some sessions split into two blog posts. I loved this location – I loved the colors and textures, even being winter!

Thank you guys, once again, for allowing me to be your photographer! Courtney, you couldn’t be any more gorgeous!






Leanne: She is so stunning. Backlighting really works well, accentuating her gorgeous hair. Lovely Senior work.

Kristi: She is so adorable, she reminds me of Katie Holmes. :) Gorgeous shots!!

Megan: oooh, I love that third one! What gorgeous lighting for such a pretty girl.

sally: lovely light, great location and beautiful girl. Perfect combo. :-)

April: Wow, I am loving the soft warm light in these. She has gorgeous eyes!

Clarice Orange County: She's so beautiful! I love these images!

Krissy Allori: Sheesh. She is stunning! Love the lighting, posing and location. Gorgeous work!

Katherine: What a beautiful girl! I especially love that fourth image.

Lisa Kryschuk: She is just beautiful as can be! You captured her wonderfully, she will be thrilled!

Courtney J: Such beautiful images and a lovely lady!!!

Jaidean: She is just gorgeous! Love the natural feel to these images!

Melissa Klein: She is so cute! Looks so natural in front of the camera. Love the light and color in these - fantastic work!

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Was this ever an amazing session with Courtney! She is so down to earth and sweet. It is quite fitting she will be attending nursing school after graduation. She volunteers at church, works part time, is involved in athletics (her LCS team won state for volleyball), and does all of that while attending private school! Impressive!

So, is it me or does she look like a young Katie Holmes? So pretty! We started off in the studio and then went outdoors downtown. It was such a gorgeous day, too!

Courtney, I hope you enjoy these so far – way more will come your way soon! Loved spending the afternoon with you and your mom!














Jessica Washburn: What a gorgeous girl, and she looks so comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Amazing session!

Kori: These are wonderful. I seriously can't pick a favorite.

Krissy Allori: Wow. She is really stunning. Your outdoor lighting is spectacular.

Jackie: wonderful shots and beautiful girl, and that last shot is so cool!

Jaidean: She is beautiful! Love all of these!

LouiseG: Stunning girl and stunning photos. You got huge variety too, well done.

Amy G.: Beautiful session for a gorgeous girl! Love the different looks you captured and you clearly put her at ease in the front of the camera. Awesome work!

lysandra: Wow! She is adorable! What a cutie, she will be breaking some hearts I am sure!

Melissa Klein: She is really beautiful! I love all the variety - fantastic work!

Katherine Durham: These are gorgeous and she is absolutely beautiful!! I love all of these!

Leanne: Gorgeous images. Those first 2 are my favourite. So pure, so sweet, so beautiful.

This was such a sweet little family! This baby was just so gorgeous and easy going! He was happy and content when awake or asleep, which made my job so much easier!

They wanted some classic black and whites and some color, so that was fun!

Sweet ‘L’ family, I so enjoyed spending the afternoon with you guys! Enjoy that little sweetie and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek!







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Lynda Coulson: Lovely work Robbie, that last one is so precious. I love the lighting.

Rosalind: Gorgeous photos Robbie. The first one is very special - a classic B&W portrait, but the one with eyes open is stunning too.

Sarah: These are just wonderful. The two are stunning.

Melissa Klein: These are really beautiful! What a sweet little guy. The black and white ones are gorgeous!!

Jessica Washburn: Those last two are just so stunning:).

lysandra: Oh goodness, what a sweet little baby! These are lovely!

Leanne: What gorgeous images of a beautiful baby. I love the connection you have captured between him and his parents.