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Like my new look? I’m SO in love with it! I just felt like my old colors, red and black, were outdated and a little too masculine. I didn’t want it all completely girly and stuff, but I AM a girl and with a name like Robbie, people can assume…

I also wanted something cleaner. I’m still working on things, but it’s coming along, slowly! It’s put me behind some on blogging, but I’ll catch up soon! And in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few of my youngest.

I am now officially a Nikon shooter! It was a hard decision, but it just seems to suit my shooting style better for various reasons. Anyway, I took the camera out with my youngest to get some practice in with the new camera. The resulting images I just fell in love with, saggy diaper and all! He LOVES to play in the dirt so I really enjoyed documenting that. 🙂 This is what being a photographer is all about. I need to do this WAY more often – life goes by too fast!

I am also playing with film looks. I LOVE film – love love love – but I’m too much of an instant gratification person to switch over to film (for now anyway). So, I am trying to achieve the look with processing. These were not processed in Photoshop, but in Lightroom only. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!










And some film b/w of the resulting bath that was needed after playing in the dirt! 🙂



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Lisa Adams: What a doll! Boys and dirt go hand-in-hand! Hope you enjoy your Nikon!!

Haley: How fun! I love that you caught these everyday moments and make them into gorgeous pictures!

Erin Jacobs: What a fun shoot for an adorable little boy!

Christie: He is ADORABLE!! Love that you captured these in-the-moment shots, treasures for sure!

Heather Puett: So adorable. Love kids and dirt.

Sarah Duckworth: Oh - is he ever cute, and this is such a great reminder to grab the camera for the everyday moments!

Lina: I love to see your images, true inspiration.. Love your work.