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I did this little mini for baby ‘M’ a few days ago and he was so much fun! He was so happy and smiley – what a blessing he is to his family! These expressions are just a riot! Love him!







Lisa Kelly: Absolutely love this session. So much variety. The image of father and son looking at each other is beyond priceless.

Jackie: Adorable, I love the little tie and the one where him and dad are looking at each, so sweet!

Kristin: Such a cutie! I love the colors and the HATS! Great job!

Megan: I love his different expressions, especially the one with the tie.

Heather Puett: So adorable, love the one of baby and Dad.

Anna-Karin: What a handsome little fella! The one with him and his mom alone is just gorgeous. So important to have both parents included in photographs so their children can remember seeing them and what they looked like when they were young.

Amber: What a cutie! These pictures are great. Love the moments you captured!

Corey Sewell: What a doll! Love that one of him looking up at dad - so sweet!

Sian: These are gorgeous! You got such great variety!

Stephanie Mballo: what a cutie! love the one of him and dad!

Jaidean: So adorable! Love the one with dad!

Shannon: Super cute, he's adorable! Love all his hats and the expressions you captures!

Anabel Sanchez: I love your style and editing! That baby is to-die-for-cute!

kristen: What a cutie! I love the one with tie! So sweet!

Melissa Klein: Oh my goodness, how cute is he!?! Great shots!

Lina: Adorable baby, love it! Beautiful session, such a nice variety.

April O'Hare: How cute is he in that lil straw hat? Adorable:)

We split Reagan’s session over 2 days so this is part 1!

I just loved photographing this girl – gorgeous, talented, and really fun! She is the captain of the cheerleading squad and is involved in student government as well.

Reagan and her mom really put a lot of time and effort into Reagan’s wardrobe and it paid off! She was so put together and had a ton of variety!

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be your photographer! This is just a small preview – enjoy!

And wow, does this girl’s smile light up a room or what?











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Heather Georger: WOW WOW WOW! This girl is stunning! Beautiful images!

Giancarla: Hi James, WOW we sure miss Ronald Reagan. Now THERE was a President! Happy Independence Day to my Patriotic Friend! I hope you and the family have a grand time!God Bless America, and YOU!