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I really think we caught the last perfect shooting day this fall. The color was pretty and the weather was just crazy perfect! The next day it rained all day! I’m a little behind in blogging this, but hopefully they will forgive me!

The three ladies are sisters and wanted to do something special for their mom. I love that! So many times we just think ‘one day’ so I love it that they decided to do something special together and include the entire family!

I hope you all enjoy these so far! More to come soon…










Jaidean: Beautiful family and gorgeous images!!

Leanne Brischetto: Beautiful Robbie! Love how relaxed everyone looks, and the colours are stunning.

Heather Puett: Such warm beautiful photos!

April O'Hare: What a good-looking family! The sisters all look so much alike! Their mom is going to love these:)

Stacie: You just do lovely family work. These are so nice!

Megan: What a great family session - you got so much variety and great relations.

Tavia Redburn: I love the light and tones in these images. You captured this family beautifully, I'm sure they'll be thrilled! Great work!

Anna-Karin: What a great variety you captured! I love that you got them all together and individuals. Their family will be so happy to have these beautiful portraits!

Jennifer B: Beautiful Robbie! This family is a natural in front of the camera - they must LOVE these.

Stephanie Mballo: So beautiful! Love your posing! I'm going to bookmark this for the next family shoot I have. Beautiful colors as well!

Shannon Stroubakis: Great family portraits! Everyone looks so relaxed, and I like the poses, very natural.

kristen: I love all of these Robbie! You do such beautiful work! I would love to have pictures like these of my family! These are just perfect!

Melissa Klein: What a thoughtful gift! Love the rich fall colors!

Brandi: Wow, gorgeous family and the colour and light are just perfect!

April: These are beautiful! I would be thrilled to have family portraits like these!

Jenny Ruddle: Lovely session, I always struggle with older kids but you make it look so easy.

Jeni: These are great! I love how relaxed and natural everyone looks in front of the camera! Perfect posing. Love the locations too!

alej keigan: gorgeous shots and best gift possible!

Corrie Lindroos: These are really beautiful. I love your posing in the last two. Fabulous session.

Becky: Beautiful! What a great family session! I am sure mom will love them!!

Lina: Gorgeous, such nice family captures.

Jackie: Fabulous work, I love the last shot

Melissa Pfannenstiel ~ Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~: What a fun session!!

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I was so thrilled this family entrusted me with photographing their little twin babies. They had a rough start coming into this world – born at 27 weeks, and only 3 months home from the hospital. They are already 5 months old but still only 9 lbs! But, the miracle of the story is, they are beautiful and healthy and growing like little weeds! I truly could have snuggled with them all day. They were so sweet and wide eyed! And they are surrounded with so much love – how fortunate they are to be in the family they are with!

Dear ‘E’ family, I hope you enjoy these so far and thank you for allowing me to be your photographer!





We were able to use one of mom’s baby blankets in a few images, too!






Shannon: These are so sweet! That little girl's eyelashes are unreal! Such beautiful babies!

Reena: oh my goodness, they are just precious! I love love love that third image. Such a beautiful blessing they are and such a great session you had with them.

Mary Ellen: Thank you for these amazing pictures of my niece and nephew. You won't find anyone like my sis and brother-in-law. The best parents I have ever known.

Angela: So lovely!!! Gorgeous special babies!! Love them all!!

Sian: Beautiful shots and such sweet babies! Love the last one of them asleep together.

Kori: They are so cute! And yes, her eyelashes are gorgeous!

Claudette: Wow, I can't even pick a favorite! They are just so sweet and beautiful!

Lindsay Faber: Oh these are SO sweet. I love every last one. The light is gorgeous and the connections are fabulous.

Jackie: They are so perfect, these are beautiful, Robbie!

Shannon Stroubakis: What a precious set! You captured the sweetness and innocence so well.

Becky: They are so beautiful! How special that you were able to use moms baby blanket :) love the expressions of the babies in the first two!!

Charlotte: wow these are stunning. You have such great variety here. Well done!

Ramsey: These are so beautiful. They will treasure them forever.

Mimere & Papa: We all will have much to be thankful for this coming Thursday. QB & Mr K are two very precious blessings. Mimere & Papa

Barbara&George: They are so precious!!! Thank you for sharing them with us. They are "perfect" as is the family they are a part of.

Barbara Vest: Absolutely adorable. Getting so big.

teri mason: So sweet! I love that first one! Perfection :)

Stacie: These are just so perfect and wonderful! I remember when my twins were that small. Wow, how time flies.

Melissa Klein: These are so sweet! I love the tones in the first two. Great job!

I had so much fun with this gal! Holly is pretty, smart, and athletic. She is the Varsity pitcher for her softball team and plans on being a Neonatal nurse. She has an eclectic style, which is so me! When that comes out in these sessions, it allows for a lot of variety! So we have everything here from vintage to modern! Love it!
















Leanne Brischetto: Absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous set of photos, and such a great variety :)

Heather Puett: Wow Robbie she is stunning as is your work and you are so creative!

April O'Hare: What a gorgeous gal! I love her style too:) I love that 2nd to last one!

Megan: Wow! This session is amazing!! Seriously, you go both pretty and girl and edgy and serious. And that studio lighting is perfect.

Jeni: These are gorgeous! What a great varitey of shots and she is such a pretty girl. Great work.

Renee Giugliano: WOW! These are amazing! She's beautiful! LOVE the variety!

Shannon Stroubakis: What a beautiful session.The tones here are gorgeous, and I love all the poses.

Becky: Wow, what a stunning girl! Love the variety you have in this session! Your skin tones are amazing!

Jackie: Wow, these are stunning!!! She is gorgeous!

Melissa Klein: Gorgeous! She is beautiful, and I love all the variety! I really love the style in those first two photos - gorgeous work!

Jenny Ruddle: I love these photos, she is so stunning and what a great variety you have here.

Brandi: *jaw dropping* She is gorgeous, and your posing rocks!!

April: She is amazingly beautiful and you did a beautiful job capturing her! Love this session!

alej keigan: gorgeous shots, gorgeous girl!

teri mason: What a pretty girl! love her style, and love the variety of images. great job :)

Lina: Gorgeous, such a nice work and great variety. Lucky client.

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I adored the ‘S’ family and their sweet dog, Caramel. The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative! We finally got a little fall color, too! Mini sessions are great for updating family photos without the full 2 hour session!

Thank you guys so much for coming out – hope you enjoy these so far!






April O'Hare: Wow, I'm loving those beautiful bright colored shirts in this environment. Really makes your subjects pop. And they have a super cute doggie too:)

Brandi: Wow, completely gorgeous!! I just love that fall colour too :)

Amy G.: Gorgeous!! Love the colors and lighting. Love the last one - so natural and beautiful. And the shot of the dog is amazing!

Samantha: Love the colors! And that dog!

Katherine: What beautiful pictures and gorgeous colors. I especially love that first image!

PamN: Love that they included the dog! So fun and modern!

Lynda Coulson: Stunning as always, I have loved your work for a long time, here is a great example why. Beautiful!

sally: gorgeous family, beautiful colors and I love all that pretty bokeh!!!

Leanne Brischetto: WOW - these are stunning! Being a dog person, I love the portrait of their pup :)

Anna-Karin: These are lovely! It is so great to see that they included their dog in the photographs. Such sweet memories to have that family member included.

Lina: Beautiful session, such a nice variety, love it!

Melissa Pfannenstiel ~ Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~: The lighting in these is amazing, I always love looking at your work.

Lindsay Faber: I love the light in these!! The colours are fabulous too. I too love the family + dog images, what a beauty!

Jacqueline L: Gorgeous bokeh!! These are all beautiful!

Jenny Ruddle: gorgeous shots, love them all and i know how hard it is to take photos of dogs as i have two, you did a great job on this!

Heather Puett: Absolutely stunning. This family must be thrilled.

Jackie: Beautiful work!

Melissa Pfannenstiel ~ Kansas City Child Photographer ~: Beautiful