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Sometimes I don’t want to claim them, but truly they are the best boys I could ever hope for!  The little one is almost 3 so I focused on him a little more this time.  I really could only get about 30 minutes out of them anyway.  It was really gorgeous for this time of year, but with no wind and high humidity it felt much warmer than it was!   I love it that my kids aren’t the typical PK (photographer’s kids) and that they do so well for me!  I would cry if I couldn’t photograph them!









Megan: I love the timeless feel to these. They are really wonderful, and I love the relationship between the brothers.

Andrea: what fantastic styling! Great session of beautiful boys!

Melissa Klein: What handsome boys you have there! Great photos of them - I really love the black and white ones.

Shannon Stroubakis: They're adorable! I love the styling here, and your processing is beautiful!

Kate: Great work. What a great gift to give them. They'll cherish these.

Anna-Karin: your boys are absolutely adorable and very handsome! It is great to see the sibling portraits of all three of them together. Such a special moment and they are all very handsome!

Jeni: These are so sweet! You are one lucky mama! I love the first one and the ones of them holding hands. You will treasure these forever!

PamN: Awww, so perfect! They are so adorable!

Leslie: Oh, man. These are so great. There is nothing like brotherhood, is there? And I love the whole style and feel to this session, too.

samantha: Oh my word, they are such gorgeous boys! You are one lucky mama! These are perfect in every way.

Kate Parker: Great photos of your own three... Totally impressive! They are all adorable!

Lina: Oh my gosh, what a great bunch of kids, you are one lucky momma!!!

Meggan: Aww... these are just perfect! So happy for you that they were having a great time and it shows through on the images!

Corrie Lindroos: Your boys are adorable!! I love how you styled them and the black & whites are fabulous. You must be one proud momma!

Heather Puett: Oh my goodness these are so adorable! The boy are too cute for words and the stylized session is so perfect. Great work!