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This sweet little chunky monkey is so cute! I can’t believe how much she has grown since her little newborn session – they just change so fast!

Just look at how gorgeous she is!





And here are a few with her daddy – you can just tell she adores him! We weren’t able to get any of her and dad during her newborn session so we had to get a few this time! So sweet!




Thank you, ‘S’ family, for allowing me to be your photographer!!!

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Messias: Hey, that's poerufwl. Thanks for the news.

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It’s a boy???

May 20, 2010

Well, it’s official now. Really official. I’m pregnant. NO WAY you say. Yes way. At 42 I’m having my 3rd baby. 18 weeks along now. I’ve actually known for a while but hadn’t really announced it here because I really wanted to find out what gender this bundle of surprise was.


According to my doctor, I’m having a boy. Oddly enough, my 2 boys, currently living outside of the womb, cried when I told them – and not tears of joy, either. Maybe they just want someone to torment, I don’t know – you know, with bugs and snakes and stuff. Anyway, go figure, they wanted a baby sister. BAD.

Everyone thought I was having a girl. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Well, except one of my sisters, who just confessed this to me today, conveniently. I just knew it was a girl, too. I knew both of my boys were boys and just knew this one was a girl. It’s hard not to be a little let down because my mind was so made up no matter how much I fought it! I’m certainly over it now because I truly have the best boys a mom could ask for – sweet, sensitive, mamma-lovin, boys. One more will be a treat!

I must say, though, I don’t see it. Really. Ultrasound images aren’t exactly portraits, mind you, but supposedly they show what needs to be shown. But honestly, based on this image, looks like a girl to me. Seriously, I’m not just saying that out of some subconscious, secret desire. I don’t see the, um, important boy part (penis). I see a line and what ‘might’ be the peanuts but but but… The doc swears he saw it, though. But I need MORE – I want it to glare at me! See, what if I decorate a boy room, buy all the boy clothes, get all settled on a boy and have a girl? Man, I can’t tell you what that would do with my borderline OCD brain – seriously it would fry it. I’d go comotose right there on the delivery table.

So, what do you think? Here is the pic, folks. The one that tells all but yet tells nothing. Good grief why am I such a planner??


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Angie: Hi Bump Buddy! Girls have 3 straight lines, all equal in length. Looks like a hamburger. Boys can have three lines, but the middle line is longer. Check out Anticipation Ultrasound! I wasn't convinced this time either! The tech immediately went to the money shot, and it's 99.9% sure a girl! Em and B are going to be big sisters! Keep us posted! Angie


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Heather Marks: Oh this is just precious! Perfect Christmas card for when the kids are teenagers ;) Great job!

misty: Love it!! ++

Sheila: This is so sweet! What a fantastic moment.

Ok, so I have to share!

December 22, 2008

So, I already shared the images from the little mini shoot I did with my kiddos.  I wanted to share the cards I made with them, but I decided I had better wait until after my friends and family received them in the mail.  I was pretty late getting them out – but it’s been a couple of years since I actually did Christmas cards, so I am just thankful they went out this year!  So, if you haven’t opened your mail from me, don’t look.  HA!  Anyway, here it is! 



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Jodie: This is so darn sweet I had to comment! LOVE it. Nice decorating too. :) Jodie G It's a relief to find someone who can explain things so well That's way the bestest answer so far!

My boys!

December 14, 2008

Well, I promised I would share a few of my boys from last weekend.  I don’t want to bury my ‘can’s for comments’ thread so please, if you haven’t seen it, go HERE to see and leave a comment to help John 3:16 Mission!

Ok, so here are my boys.  I love them so much I could just eat them up!  They don’t look like they would ever fight, do they?  OH how I wish that were true!  But, at least they LOOK angelic!  🙂




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Jeni: oh wow, you have some gorgeous kids!! *love* that first shot!

Sam: Your kids are adorable!! #1 is such a sweet shot!!

Kayleen T.: These black and whites are perfect in everyway! Do you use an action for b&w or just do your own thing?

admin: I do use an action for them, but basically I do my normal edits to the color image and then add a gradient map layer, adjust contrast in curves a teeny bit and add a subtle chocolate tint. Thank you for the sweet comment!

Bryson: You won’t regret this for a moment. I’ve been homeschooling (mixed with some school) my spectrum son for years. The single greatest tool you can acquire is fluency in learning ‘how your child learns’. Once you master that skill you will be amazed how quickly your child masters any academic goal you have for them. She will be ahead of the curve in no time! If you need any suggestions feel free to email me. Conagatulrtions!

Variation is a good thing!

August 25, 2008

The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital photography!  That said, it would be physically impossible for me to be able to sit with every client and customize every photograph.  I typically will apply certain effects (color pop, black and white) based on what I feel is appropriate for the image, but I wanted to show some effects that customers could choose from, too.  So, I took one image and applied various effects so you could see what they look like! 

Fun, huh???


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Fun little outing!

July 22, 2008

Some friends and I went on a fun outing yesterday.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity for some snaps, of course, and here are a couple of my favorites of the day!



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Just my kids…

July 18, 2008

My boys are getting so big… I wanted to get some new shots of them and I just love these!  We were getting eaten by mosquitos (you can see bites in one of these!) and yet they were such good sports!  The little one is about to get a haircut so I really wanted some shots of him before we did the chop job!  The older one is showing off his new ‘do’ in these!  Thanks, guys, for being such good sports!!!







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Sanjay: So cute!! Isn't it funny how that works? It's hard to imagine you have amnyore room inside you to love someone, but somehow it just happens and you make room.