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Wow, what a gorgeous group!  I was excited to be able to capture this fun bunch before they went off to their 2013 prom!  I just know they had an amazing time!










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I had so much fun with this gal! Holly is pretty, smart, and athletic. She is the Varsity pitcher for her softball team and plans on being a Neonatal nurse. She has an eclectic style, which is so me! When that comes out in these sessions, it allows for a lot of variety! So we have everything here from vintage to modern! Love it!
















Leanne Brischetto: Absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous set of photos, and such a great variety :)

Heather Puett: Wow Robbie she is stunning as is your work and you are so creative!

April O'Hare: What a gorgeous gal! I love her style too:) I love that 2nd to last one!

Megan: Wow! This session is amazing!! Seriously, you go both pretty and girl and edgy and serious. And that studio lighting is perfect.

Jeni: These are gorgeous! What a great varitey of shots and she is such a pretty girl. Great work.

Renee Giugliano: WOW! These are amazing! She's beautiful! LOVE the variety!

Shannon Stroubakis: What a beautiful session.The tones here are gorgeous, and I love all the poses.

Becky: Wow, what a stunning girl! Love the variety you have in this session! Your skin tones are amazing!

Jackie: Wow, these are stunning!!! She is gorgeous!

Melissa Klein: Gorgeous! She is beautiful, and I love all the variety! I really love the style in those first two photos - gorgeous work!

Jenny Ruddle: I love these photos, she is so stunning and what a great variety you have here.

Brandi: *jaw dropping* She is gorgeous, and your posing rocks!!

April: She is amazingly beautiful and you did a beautiful job capturing her! Love this session!

alej keigan: gorgeous shots, gorgeous girl!

teri mason: What a pretty girl! love her style, and love the variety of images. great job :)

Lina: Gorgeous, such a nice work and great variety. Lucky client.

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We split Reagan’s session over 2 days so this is part 1!

I just loved photographing this girl – gorgeous, talented, and really fun! She is the captain of the cheerleading squad and is involved in student government as well.

Reagan and her mom really put a lot of time and effort into Reagan’s wardrobe and it paid off! She was so put together and had a ton of variety!

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be your photographer! This is just a small preview – enjoy!

And wow, does this girl’s smile light up a room or what?











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Heather Georger: WOW WOW WOW! This girl is stunning! Beautiful images!

Giancarla: Hi James, WOW we sure miss Ronald Reagan. Now THERE was a President! Happy Independence Day to my Patriotic Friend! I hope you and the family have a grand time!God Bless America, and YOU!

Here are a few from Hannah’s 2nd shoot. It was just too hot to try and get all the outdoor stuff done in one day. We did some studio, too, which I always love!

It was so great to see you again, Hannah! Hope you enjoy these so far!









Tina: These are gorgeous! I really like the second to last one.

Yana: She is beautiful! I love the shot by the bricks!

April: What a pretty lady! I really love those outdoor photos. Especially the brick location. And your posing is superb!

reena: Wow! these are just as great as the first ones were! So hard to decide on a favorite (don't know how they will) but I love that last image posted.

Tammy Krummel: what a pretty girl, she is sure to LOVE all of these!

Elle: Gorgeous!! Love the one of her by the railroad tracks!!

Jeni: What a gorgeous girl! I love these. The studio shots are so clean and crisp and the outdoor ones are amazing too!

Chrissy Torney: What a gorgeous young lady she is!

rose: These are just gorgeous!

Corey Sewell: So beautiful! Love the ones outside!

Melissa Klein: Love these! She looks so natural in front of the camera - fantastic posing, too!

Kerry: What a pretty senior, especially love the last 2 hsots

Renee Giugliano: Wow! These are all so wonderful! What an awesome variety! She is gorgeous!

Sindea Horste: GREAT images of a beautiful girl!

Lisa Kelly: Truly gorgeous work. She is stunning and the variety is amazing.

Jennifer Zumwalt: Your studio stuff is great, I want to learn studio myself. I love the vollyball pic. However your outdoor stuff is stunning!

alej keigan: gorgeous shots - love the variety!

Heather Puett: Very beautiful!

Kelly: Oh wow, she is GORGEOUS! And the images are simply stunning, as always ;) I imagine she is thrilled with these!!

Anna-Karin: A beautiful young lady you captured so well! She will always remember this photo session and this time of her life. Such a milestone for a young adult to go through and you captured it beautifully!

Melissa Pfannenstiel ~ Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~: Wow, you rocked this! She is so pretty!

Lina: I am in awe! GORGEOUS!!

Arup: Hi Sarah I hope you're having the best day and you're enoynijg every single minute! You deserve all the best; may all your wishes and dreams come true, stay happy and healthy!Sending Birthday kisses from Austria Love you, xxxChrissy

I’m so excited for senior portrait season! Not real excited that it is 250 degrees outside, though. Seriously, this session ended up being on the hottest day of the year (113 degrees) but you would have never known! Hannah was a complete joy the entire time and didn’t break a sweat! We did split her session into 2 days, though, so it wasn’t unbearable.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She is a senior at Lincoln Christian School this year. She plans on doing her undergrad studies at OSU and then finishing up at TU’s Law School. She is super fun and outgoing and I had a lot of fun with her. I’ll have a sneak peek of the 2nd part of her session in another blog post!

Thank you, Hannah, for braving this heat to allow me to photograph you! And thank you, Shelly, for assisting with the lighting!










kristen: What a gorgeous girl! You would never know it was hot out! I love all the different locations! She will love these!

Megan: Wow, she is beautiful!! These are really gorgeous.

Allison Hilyer: These are so lovely, I never would have known it was so hot! I especially love the first image and the one on the bridge. She is gorgeous!

Claudette: What a gorgeous girl! My favorite ones definitely with the orange dress, awesome posing and light!

Christie: STUNNING!!! She is gorgeous, as are your photos! I love all of them, especially your use of the light in the last few. Just beautiful!

Lina: I love to see your images, true inspiration.. Love your work.

julie: what a gorgeous girl!! Love all her outfit choices, the posing, everything. and you would have never known it was so hot - she is stunning!

Rhonda: i wouldn't have guessed that it was hot .. she totally rocked the session .. as did you with these images! love the first image and the last set at sunset .. beautiful!

reena: What a beautiful session with such a gorgeous young lady! You would have never known it was THAT hot out! I love the one of her standing in the road in those awesome heels!

Jeni: These are so beautiful! I love the light in the last 3. Gorgeous girl!

Melissa Klein: Would have never guessed that it was that hot out looking at these! She looks fantastic, and I love all the variety. Can't wait to see more!

Kerry: What a superb set, love her style and the locations are amazing!

Renee Giugliano: Beautiful! They each show off so much personality!

Sindea Horste: Stunning. And in such heat, no less.

Lisa Kelly: She is so fresh and young and gorgeous and that is exactly how you've captured her. Great session.

Jennifer Zumwalt: These are beautiful, and she handled that heat like a champ! I never would have guessed it was that hot outside during this shoot!

Heather Puett: Gorgeous girl. Love the lighting in the last set.

Lina: This girl is stunning, but your work is just simply flawless!

Apostol: Happy Birthday, Sarah Harding!!!!!!I can honestly say that you are one of my five ftroviae Girls Aloud members ;DHave an amazing day, an amazing year, stay amazingly you, and hopefully I will see you and those other ladies in concert soon, maybe in America? You're the greatest! JMHO

I loved photographing Chelsie again! Her portrait package included 2 sessions, but we had to wait until after her knee healed from surgery to finish up. She looks fantastic! You can tell from these images she is an amazing athlete.

I hope you like these so far, Chelsie!






Kelly: Love the dramatic lighting in these!

Heather Puett: These are so AWESOME!!! I always love your lighting!

Clarice Orange County: These are very cool!

Yvonne: Stunning. Love the dramatic lighting on these. Perfect.

Lisa Kelly: The mood, the lighting, everything - amazing!!!!

alej keigan: so cool - awesome senior photos! i agree - love the lighting. gorgeous girl, too - these will be really great shots to look back on in a few years.

Christy Johnson: WOW! These are just stunning!

Lina: wow, awesome captures!

Lina: wow, those are amazing captures!

Anabel Sanchez: Awesome job! Great lighting!

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I love photographing seniors. Yep.

Audrey is graduating from Broken Arrow this year and already has a lot of her 1st year college credits under her belt. She plans on staying local until her 2 yr degree is done and then transferring to another college. Pretty smart, eh?

Isn’t she lovely and just look at the eyes on this girl? We had a gorgeous day to work with, too. It was so much fun!

Audrey, it was just wonderful spending the evening with you. I hope you like these so far!









Kelly: Gorgeous images! And what a beautiful girl, I am sure she loves these :)

Tavia: Gorgeous! She looks like quite a natural in front of the camera. I love your editing style and depth of field.

Tammy Krummel: so pretty, the girl and the portraits!

Paula: Beautiful senior portraits of this stunning girl! I love that last image especially!

Christie: What a gorgeous girl! These are just gorgeous and I love the colors! Beautiful work!

Erin Jacobs: What a beautiful girl! Great shots!

Kimberly Whipps: Beautiful work, I love the ones of her with her flute.

Sarah Metz: Gorgeous! Beautiful images Robbie! :)

Heather Puett: Beautiful images

Christy Johnson: Beautiful girl, beautiful photography!

Lisa Kelly: Love these, she's a beautiful girl, amazing eyes and hair. Love all the outfits and your amazing photography.

Anna-Karin: She is beautiful! Love that you were able to include her playing the flute as well. Nice to remember what her interests were at this time of her life.

Lina: Beautiful captures, great work as usual!

Jackie: Lovely portraits! I love the ones with the flute!

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What a fantastic studio session with Chelsie a couple days ago! I had a blast and really could have kept shooting all day.

Chelsie is heading off to OU this fall and will be studying sports broadcasting! She already plays basketball but I know that is not the only sport she has played. She is quite the athlete! She graduates from Porter High School this spring and I know she has an amazing future ahead of her!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!










Sarah Metz: Gorgeous Robbie! Love these.

Allie, Grand Rapids baby photographer: This girl is GORGEOUS and you captured her so beautifully- stunning images all around!!

Julie: these are fantastic!! I love all the variety of looks you guys created! I am sure she will love these!

Tammy Krummel: super adorable senior and wonderful images of her!

Amy Rader: Wow, she is beautiful.What a beautiful collection of photographs.The parents will have a hard time choosing.

Melissa Klein: Oh my goodness - these are so fun, and she is gorgeous! Love all the variety you've got here - fantastic work!

Joanna: Love your dramatic black and white - awesome! Beautiful girl and beautiful work!

Jennifer B: These are gorgeous - I can't pick a favourite! She photographs so beautifully (and has amazing arms!). Seriously stunning work!

Jackie: Beautiful work and she is stunning!

Paula: These are amazing portraits! Love all the variety you captured of her..that dramatic b/w image is Gorgeous!

Alexis: These are super cute! I love all the variety you captured:)

Marci: stunning girl and images to match! Love all the variety! Great job!

Lina: This is an absolutely gorgeous session, and such a stunning girl. Love it!

Kelly: Wooohoooo! Go Sooners!! I'm an OU Alum and still live in Norman ;) These are BEAUTIFUL images and she is gorgeous! Love your use of lighting, absolutely stunning!

Kelly: Robbie, these are gorgeous! Such lovely photos and she is a beautiful love love!

Jaidean: Gorgeous girl and beautiful photos! Great variety!

Christie: Gorgeous work Robbie!! I love your lighting and posing, and she is a natural in front of the camera!

Lisa Holloway: She is absolutely GORGEOUS...and what amazing variety you got! I love the 2nd from the bottom of her in the dress and cowboy boots...stunning session!

Heather Puett: Great photos. Love the variety.

sally: Wow, she's beautiful, and your pictures are so fun. I love all the variety.

Kori: Great session and love your lighting!

Here’s another gorgeous LCS senior girl! I’m just so happy to get to photograph these amazing seniors!

Rianne is planning to study Nutrition at UCO this fall, is currently playing basketball, and loves movies and sleepovers! She is fun and down to earth, too, which made doing her photo shoot a ton of fun for me!

I hope you love your images so far, Rianne! It was hard to choose, as usual… agonizing in fact. But more to come soon!










Marci: Nice variety in locations! My favorite is the 5th in the pastel dress. Beautiful girl!

Jessica Washburn: Absolutely beautiful--the model and the images!

Shallyse: Stunning senior portraits of a gorgeous girl!

Paula: What a great variety of senior portraits. She's beautiful and you captured her in so many great ways!

Sindea Horste: Beautiful! She is a lovely girl, you did a great job.

Tammy Krummel: beautiful! LOVE this senior session!

Heather Puett: Gorgeous, I LOVE number 4!

Christy Johnson: Such a beautiful girl! I love her style. My faves are #2 and #5!

Anna-Karin: Beautiful girl! Great variety, I especially love the background you incorporated with her interest in the first image.

Yvonne: Love these. I really like the moody lighting in the third to last image. Pure beauty.

Vanessa G. Photography: She is a beautiful young lady. Nice job.

Kelly: She is GORGEOUS! Love all of these images, she and her mother must be thrilled with them!!

Melissa Klein: She is beautiful! I love all the variety you've got in these - that last shot is especially cool.

Kori: These are great and I love the colors!

I got to photograph another gorgeous girl yesterday! Am I lucky or what? Hailey cheers for LCS (note the state championship ring!) and was just a pleasure to work with! She is going to OSU this fall and loves shopping and watching movies with friends.

It was very hard to choose these, so it’s a large share (typical for senior sessions – I just have such a hard time choosing).

Thank you, Hailey, for allowing me to be your photographer! I hope you enjoy these so far!











Ili N: Beautiful girl! I love how powerful the first few are and then how romantic the rest are. Love 3 and 4 especially!

Erika: Beautiful!!

Katherine: What a gorgeous girl, and you captured such great variety! I especially love the last two images!

Lisa Kelly: Absolutely drop dead gorgeous images. I love all of her outfit choices and the texture in some of these images. Truly beautiful session.

Renee Giugliano: Gorgeous! Love the variety of moods and personality!

Tammy Krummel: what a beautiful young lady, stunning work!

Marci: Beautiful girl. Love the light and compositions.

Erin Jacobs: What a beautiful girl. Love the cheerleading shot! You caught it at just the right moment!

Lynda Coulson: Robbie, gorgeous session. She is going to love these, such beautiful relaxed images. Lovely work!

Megan: These are really gorgeous! Seriously, great work! And that jumping one is perfect. :)

Jeni: What a beautiful girl! I love that jump shot! You got such a nice variety here. I am sure she loves them!

Tara McGlinchey: What a gorgeous girl! Love these portraits, one more beautiful than the next. Fantastic work!

Sindea Horste: Gorgeous! Both the images and the girl. She has amazing eyes.

Heather Puett: Gorgeous girl and fantastic work. The lighting is beautiful!

Jenny Ruddle: Wow how stunning is she, these are great love the variety of images here!

Yvonne: Holy smokes! These are AMAZING portraits. Stunning images and lighting. Magical.

Vanessa G. Photography - Fayetteville Seniors: Love all the mixes of types of light.

Robynne Brown: Beautiful Hailey!

Billie Sue McGee: Great Pictures so proud of her.

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