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I can’t believe I haven’t posted this wedding before now! I so enjoyed photographing this intimate wedding – Jody and Mark are just so in love and now have a wonderful blended family. I’m so happy for them!












sophie crew: Beautiful bride, and gorgeous couple! Great job on these!

Katie Lou: That little guy inthe 2nd family shoot is so cute! Sweet family, and i love the ring shot!

Susan: Gorgeous wedding! I love the first photo of the bride. She is beautiful. Terrific dress! Also love the 3rd group photo...adorable!

Kristi Mangan: such gorgeous light & i love the green! beautiful couple!

Kimberly Marie: These are so lovely! beautiful work! The ring shot is fabulous, LOVE it!

Karen: Ah!! That ring shot is TDF!!!

Alisa: Lovely images you captured here. Great job - and I agree that ring shot is fabulous.

Lila: Lovely images! The bride is beautiful and everyone looked like they were having so much fun. Great job capturing these moments!! Love them!

Krysia: What a beautiful wedding. I just love the soft tones and all the greens. Gorgeous.

Katherine: These are so beautiful!! I LOVE her dress! You did a fantastic job with these!

Vickie: Gorgeous bride! Love her dress. That ring shot is awesome.

Rebekah: beautiful! love your backlighting on these!

gil: What a beautiful couple and wonderful images! The group shots are really great!

Tori Piercy: What a great looking couple! And these are so lovely- great job!

Simge: Marcy, I love the images you took of my famliy. You are a wonderful photographer with a great eye. You can take this business anywhere you want to go! Thanks again for the beautiful images of my famliy. These two that you put on your blog also happen to be my favorite.

Koe: , I think, that he was inspired to name the film L'Eclisse beuasce of that feeling of anticipation - the suspension of all emotion as people pause to gasp incredulously. Of course the shot of the street lamp in the ending scene echoes this... of the viewer waiting and waiting for Vitti and Delon to appear, pausing and looking, and ultimately, being disappointed.And btw Alain Delon is SO FIT. This info is the cat's pajamas! Yo, that's what's up truthfully.

I loved sharing this special day with Sarah and Jimmy. They are just so in love and compliment each other so well. Sarah is the opinionated, strong willed one and Jimmy is the soft spoken, laid back one. Just perfect for each other!

Here are a few to share – will share more of the ceremony in another post.

Hope you all are having a great time on your honeymoon!!!!













And one from after the ceremony – playing with a little off camera lighting.


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Sara: I love these! They're great, Robbie...awesome vintagey theme too!

Stephanie: Sister of the bride here, and I have to say I'm so excited to see these! Your style fit right in with Sarah and Jimmy's and these photos are amazing! Can't wait to see more.

Sarah Mansur: These look fabulous!!! Her eyes look amazing in that headshot!! They will love them!

Carla: As Mother of the Bride, I could not ask for more. You truly captured the love they have for each other. You are amazing!

This engagement session was so FUN! Sarah and Jimmy are just so HAPPY to be getting married! They adore each other and it totally shows! I had a blast with them today and can’t wait to shoot the upcoming wedding!

Thank you guys so MUCH for allowing me into this special time of your lives!








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Paul: Have fun, Eric. I've always enjeyod San Diego, even if mostly what I've seen is the Convention Centre designed by a Vancouverite, by the way ;) and a bit of the Gaslamp District. Also, the weather is milder than some other parts of California, especially if you're by the water. It's a joy to find someone who can think like that I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it's free? Awesome! I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm locked and loaded.

This intimate, gorgeous wedding was so much fun! I had the pleasure of shooting this wedding with the awesome Sarah Mansur of Sarah Mansur Photography.

The groom had his brother stand up with him. They were both wearing bracelets in honor of their brother, John, who lost a battle to cancer. The groom also wore an orange ribbon pin on his lapel. Orange? Yes, orange, for the OSU Cowboys!


The bride’s family is from Wisconsin. I swear they ALL had on Packer sweatshirts before the wedding! I can relate to the enthusiasm as I am married to a fellow cheese head. Look at the cake topper – isn’t it adorable??


And the something blue – the gorgeous flats she wore under her dress!


So, I’ll quit rambling and just show some more images from the wedding!




















Tiffany Bender: I love the detail shots and the emotion you captured. Beautiful images and beautiful bride!

Krissy Allori: You did a fabulous job capturing their beautiful wedding! The colors and details are perfect. I'm sure they're be beyond thrilled with every one of these!

jennifer: oh wow these are stunning, absolutely gorgeous! Looks like they came out of a wedding magazine! Love all the details captured too!

megan parker: Oh wow this was a stunning wedding. Her flowers were just absolutely GORGEOUS. I love your attention to detail. Great work.

Terra: Great job! Love your colors and processing on these. They look like such a happy couple and you really captured that!

This N That: These are just gorgeous!!! Such a beautiful dress, bouquet, setting... everything! -Shellie

Cindy: Beautiful work and beautiful wedding! Love all the details, gorgeous!

rebecca: These are gorgeous! Love the emotion you captured and the details!

Giovanna: Gorgeous! Love the color!

Katie: Gorgeous work! Love the detail shots and the ones of the bride and groom.

Jaidean Baker: Gorgeous couple and pictures! That bouquet is beautiful! Love the colors!

Jane Eaton Hamilton: She's really beautiful! You did a great job with these.

Holly: What a beautiful day that you captured. I love the detail shots. Gorgeous colors.

Shellie: These are amazing--you're great at capturing emotions. Such a cute couple too!

Ashley Duckett: You captured so many great details. I bet they will be so thrilled with these!

Mandy: Great details and attention to emotion! I am sure they will just adore these photographs.